Adani open ended about Carmichael

Posted June 25, 2015


Indian energy and logistics giant Adani has given a  non-committal statement on its plans for a massive Carmichael coal lease and rail project in north Queensland.

Rumours have been circulating on the feasibility of the project near Clermont in the northern Galilee Basin since reports that Adani had suspended engineering works.

While there’s obviously a dispute about delays in the approvals process, Adani does not state plainly it is pulling out.

Adani issued as release stating that: ‘For the past six to 12 months, Adani has maintained a level of investment, jobs and sub-contractor arrangement for ts mine, rail and port projects in anticipation of finalising approvals and decisions.

‘The project budget was based, understandably, on these anticipated approvals timelines and milestones.

“As a result of changes to a range of approvals over that time, it’s necessary to synchronise our budget, project timelines and spending to meeting these changes.

“Adani has made commitments to build a long terms future with Queensland that will deliver 10,000 jobs and $22b in royalties and taxes that will be reinvested back into community services.

“However, it is important to note we are now into the fifth year of development and approvals and therefore the need to finalise those approvals and timelines is critical.”

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