Bowen Basin geos’ five-yearly symposium coming up soon

Posted October 2, 2015


The Bowen Basin Geologists Group is gearing up for a major event in October, with the five-yearly Bowen Basin Symposium due to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Group chair Kirk Henderson said the symposium was the largest coal conference in Australia and among the largest of its kind globally.

“Our last one (in Mackay) had 600 delegates and we had to cap it at that because we couldn’t fit any more at the venue,” he said.

“This time we’re holding it at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and we’re hoping to get that many again, if not more.”

Mr Henderson said organisers hoped the location would help attract more participants from the New South Wales coalfields and southern Queensland’s coal seam gas industry.

The technical event centres on the geosciences – geology, geotechnical engineering, coal quality geophysics and associated disciplines and services.

“We only hold it every five years to maintain a high technical standard,” Mr Henderson said.

“We’ve had close to 90 technical papers submitted and we’re whittling them down for the three days of presentations and the proceedings to go with that.”

About 25-30 papers will be selected as symposium presentations and further submissions will be on display at the event as poster papers.

These and other significant papers will be printed as a reference source in the symposium proceedings.

Mr Henderson said the Bowen Basin Geologists Group had worked to keep attendance costs down and was mindful of the impact of the industry downturn on people’s ability to participate.

The general cost is $550 for the three days (October 7-9), and there is a “hardship” registration rate of $100 less for unemployed geoscientists.

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