CQ Projects Map

Abbot Point Terminal

Abbot Point | the existing Adani-owned coal terminal at this port has a capacity of 50 mtp a. Adani is also investigating the development of a T0terminal with a nominal capacity of 70 mtp a. BHP Billiton MetCoal Holding sand GVK Hancock Coal have preferred developer status for new T2and T3terminals. TheState Government has short listed two consortiums – AngloCoal and NorthHub – for further potential expansion (AP-X). | www.nqbp.com.au | M1

Monto Coal Project

Monto | Peabody Energy has a 41per cent interest in the Monto Coal Joint Venture. The mining lease for Monto Stage1 was granted in 2005 for production of up to 1.5 mt pa ROM coal anda Mineral DevelopmentLicence Application lodged in July
2010 to extend the mining area for Stage1 was successful. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au | Q9

Blackwater Coal Mine

Blackwater | owned by BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA), this open-cut operation produces coking and thermal coal. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Blair Athol Coal Mine

Blair Athol | this former Rio Tinto Coal Australia mine, closed in late 2012, has been purchased by New Emerald Coal – which plans to resume operations. | www.newemeraldcoal.com|


Burton Coal Mine

Burton | owned by Peabody Energy, this open-cut mine has recently undergone major extension projects to boost production to 4mpta. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

Broadmeadow Coal Mine

Broadmeadow | BMA this year opened its $US966m extension at this underground coking coal mine, introducing longwall top coal caving technology to the operation and boosting production. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Callide Coal Mine

Callide | owned by Anglo American, this open-cut mining operation produces about 6.3mtpa of low-sulphur, sub-bituminous thermal coal primarily for Queensland’s domestic power generation. Boundary Hill South is a proposed extension to existing operations at Callide and is currently under assessment. | www.angloamerican.com.au |


Capcoal Coal Mine

Capcoal | this complex includes two underground mines, Grasstree and Aquila, and two open-cut mines, Lake Lindsay and Oak Park. In July 2013 Anglo American placed Aquila under care and maintenance, however a feasibility study is under way to explore potential future longwall opportunities. Capcoal produces about 6mtpa hard coking coal and pulverised coal injection (PCI) coal. Its ownership is 70 per cent Anglo American and 30 per cent Mitsui Coal Holdings, with Anglo American as operator.| www.angloamerican.com.au |

Carborough Downs Coal Mine

Carborough Downs | majority owned by Vale, this mine has a capacity of 4mtpa ROM metallurgical coal. | www.vale.com |


Clermont Coal Mine

Clermont | Glencore has taken over management of this thermal coal mine from former majority owner Rio Tinto Coal Australia, which sold its 50.1 per cent stake to Glencore and Sumitomo Corporation for about $1b this year. | www.glencore.com |

Collinsville Coal Mine

Collinsville Coal | part of the NCA Project involving Glencore, Itochu Coal Resources and Sumitomo, this open-cut mine is continuing to ramp up production to about 3.5mtpa ROM thermal coal by the end of 2014.| www.glencore.com|

Cook Colliery

Cook | owned by Guandong Rising Asset Management after its takeover of Caledon Resources in 2011, this mine produces about 0.7mtpa of metallurgical and thermal coal.  | N7


Coppabella Coal Mine

Coppabella | Peabody Energy is majority owner of this open-cut metallurgical coal mine. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

Cows Coal Mine

Cows | this QCoal site produces about 1mtpa of metallurgical and thermal coal per year. Operated by Sonoma Mine. |www.qcoal.com.au |

Curragh Coal Mine

Curragh | owned by Wesfarmers Limited, this open-cut operation produces 8-8.5mtpa metallurgical coal for export and about 3.5mtpa of thermal coal for domestic use following a $286m expansion project completed in 2012. A feasibility study for expansion to 10mtpa export capacity has been completed, with a decision to proceed subject to market outlook. | www.curragh.com.au |


Daunia Coal Mine

Daunia | production began in 2013 from this $US1.4b BMA project. The open-cut operation has the capacity to produce about 4.5mtpa of semi-hard coking coal and PCI. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Dawson Coal Mine (formerly Moura Mine)

Dawson (formerly Moura mine) | an open-cut metallurgical and export thermal mine producing about 4mtpa. It is one of Australia’s longest established coal mines and is jointly owned by Anglo American and Mitsui Coal Holdings.| www.angloamerican.com.au |

Ensham Coal Mine

Ensham | Ensham Resources in 2012 commenced full operations of a new

underground bord and pillar operation. Open-cut and underground thermal

coal operations have a capacity of about 5mtpa. | www.ensham.com.au |

Foxleigh Coal Mine

Foxleigh | produces almost 2mtpa premium pulverised coal injection (PCI) coal for steel manufacturers in northern Asia, India and Europe. Anglo American

acquired 70 per cent of Foxleigh in 2008 with the balance of ownership shared

by POSCO (20 per cent) and 10 per cent between Nippon Steel and Sumitomo

Metal Australia. Expansion plans include Foxleigh Plains, 12km to the

south-east. Assessment of this expansion continues.| www.angloamerican.

com.au | N6

Coal Mine |Goonyella Corridor

Goonyella Corridor | owner Peabody Energy is installing longwall top coal caving technology to further expand capacity at North Goonyella and has completed the EIS process for a $1.4b expansion project proposed for the Eaglefield mine. | www.peabodyenergy.com |


Goonyella Riverside Coal Mine

Goonyella Riverside | this BMA-owned open-cut mine produces high quality coking coal. An incremental expansion is proposed under BMA’s Red Hill Mining Lease Project, declared a co-ordinated project by the Queensland Government in June 2013. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Gregory Crinum Coal Mine

Gregory Crinum | this BMA-owned complex includes the Crinum underground mine, producing coking and thermal coal. The Gregory open-cut mine is in care and maintenance.| www.bhpbilliton.com | M6



Hail Creek Coal Mine

Hail Creek | managed by majority owner Rio Tinto Coal Australia, this open-cut mine produces up to 8.8mtpa metallurgical coal. Studies are under way into options to extend the life of Hail Creek mine, subject to future investment decisions. | www.riotintocoalaustralia.com |

Isaac Plains Coal Mine

Isaac Plains | a 50:50 joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation and Vale. The open-cut mine, operated by Leighton Contractors, has a production capacity of 2.8mtpa thermal and metallurgical coal. A decision to put the mine into care and maintenance was announced in October 2014.| www.vale.com |


Jellinbah Coal Mine

Jellinbah | managed by Jellinbah Resources for the Jellinbah East Joint Venture and operated by Jellinbah Resources and Leighton Contractors, this open-cut operation produces more than 4.6mtpa metallurgical coal. |www.jellinbah.com.au | N6


Kestrel Coal Mine

Kestrel | production began last year from a $US2b extension project at this Rio Tinto Coal Australia-managed metallurgical coal mine. The project will extend mine life and lift capacity to 5.7mtpa. | www.riotintocoalaustralia.com.au | M6


Lake Vermont Coal Mine

Lake Vermont | managed by Jellinbah Resources for the Lake Vermont Joint Venture and operated by Thiess, this open-cut mine produces about 6.2mtpa metallurgical coal and is ramping up to produce 8mtpa from late 2014. | www.jellinbah.com.au | N5

Middlemount Coal Mine

Middlemount | a $380m expansion is under construction to increase capacity from 1.8mtpa to 5.4mtpa ROM of metallurgical coal. This mine is owned by a joint venture between Yancoal and Peabody Energy.  | www.peabodyenergy.com www.yancoalaustralia.com.au |


Millennium Coal Mine

Millennium | a $276m expansion project was recently completed at this Peabody Energy mine, taking capacity to 3mtpa of saleable metallurgical coal.| www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

Minerva Coal Mine

Minerva | majority owned by Sojitz, this open-cut mine has a capacity of 2.8mtpa thermal coal. | www.sojitz.com |


Moorvale Coal Mine

Moorvale | Peabody Energy is majority owner of this open-cut metallurgical and thermal coal mine, which produced more than 2 million tonnes last year.| www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

Moranbah North Coal Mine

Moranbah North | an underground longwall producing almost 5mtpa of premium hard coking coal for steel manufacturers in Asia, India and Europe.  It is managed and operated by majority owner Anglo American.| www.angloamerican.com.au |


Newlands Coal Mine

Newlands Coal | part of the NCA Project involving Glencore, Itochu Coal Resources and Sumitomo, this combined underground and open-cut operation produces about 6.5mtpa thermal and metallurgical coal. Glencore is examining the feasibility of a project extending the life of the open-cut operations by about 20 years to 2042.  | www.glencore.com|

Norwich Park Coal Mine

Norwich Park | this BMA-owned open cut mine is in care and maintenance. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Oaky Creek Coal Mine

Oaky Creek | Glencore is the majority owner of the Oaky Creek No.1 and Oaky North underground mines, producing about 8mtpa metallurgical coal. | www.glencore.com|



Peak Downs Open - Cut Coal Mine

Peak Downs | this BMA-owned open-cut mining operation produces high quality hard coking coal. | www.bhpbilliton.com |

Poitrel Open - Cut Coal Mine

Poitrel | this BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal site is an open-cut metallurgical coal operation. | www.bhpbilliton.com |

Rolleston Open - Cut Coal Mine

Rolleston | a joint venture of Glencore, Sumisho Coal Australia and IRCA Rolleston, this open-cut mine produces about 12mtpa thermal coal. Glencore is examining the feasibility of increasing production to 20mtpa.  | www.glencore.com |



Saraji Open - Cut Coal Mine

Saraji | this BMA-owned open-cut mine produces high quality hard coking coal. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Sonoma Open - Cut Coal Mine

Sonoma | a joint venture between QCoal, JFE Shoji, China Steel and Watami Trading, this open-cut operation produces about 4mtpa metallurgical and thermal coal. Leighton Contractors is the mining contractor.  | www.qcoal.com.au | M2

South Walker Creek Open - Cut Coal Mine

South Walker Creek | owned by BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal, this is an open-cut metallurgical coal mine. | www.bhpbilliton.com | N4


Yarabee Open - Cut Coal Mine

Yarrabee | owned by Yancoal Australia this open-cut mine has a capacity of 2.4mtpa thermal and metallurgical coal. The company is planning an expansion.|www.yancoalaustralia.com.au |


Alpha Coal Development Project

Alpha | GVK Hancock is developing an open-cut mine to produce 32mtpa of high quality thermal coal. The project will execute coal off-take agreements before finalising financing arrangements and announcing a date for commencement of construction. | www.gvkhancockcoal.com | K6


Alpha North Coal Development Project

Alpha North | feasibility studies are under way for this Waratah Coal project, with an expected capacity of 40mtpa thermal coal. |www.waratahcoal.com |


Arcturus Coal Development Project

Arcturus | a feasibility study has been completed, however Bandanna Energy has put work on this thermal coal project on hold as it focuses on development of its Springsure Creek project. | www.bandannaenergy.com.au |



Athena Coal Development Project

Athena |this exploration project owned by Yancoal International, Sojitz and Kores is viewed as a potential thermal coal underground mine development. |www.yancoalaustralia.com.au

Belvedere Coal Development Project

Belvedere | Vale has a feasibility study under way for the development of a new longwall operation. | www.vale.com |

Belview Coal Development Project

Belview | Stanmore Coal is targeting first coal production by 2018 at this coking and PCI coal project. It proposes a single 3.5mtpa ROM longwall operation costing about $869m to start up.  The addition of a second longwall unit is estimated to add $529m of capital expenditure and increase production to 7mtpa.  | www.stanmorecoal.com.au |


Bluff Coal Development Project

Bluff | the Queensland government has approved the EA permit for the development of this Carabella Resources PCI coal project.  The onsite drilling program is nearing completion with construction of the mine expected to commence in the second half of 2014. |

Broughton Coal Development Project

Broughton | this U & D Mining Industry coking coal project is at feasibility stage. | www.udmining.com.au

Byerwen Coal Development Project

Byerwen | QCoal is advancing this project to produce up to 10mtpa metallurgical coal. | www.qcoal.com.au |

Carmichael Coal Development Project

Carmichael | the Adani Group proposes a 60mtpa thermal coal mine and rail project in the Galilee Basin, with the coal to be exported from its terminal at Abbot Point from 2017. | http://adanigroup.com/ |

Caval Ridge Coal Development Project

Caval Ridge | production has begun from this $US3.7b BMA project, with the official opening due soon. The open-cut mine will have the capacity to produce about 5.5mtpa of coking coal. |www.bhpbilliton.com |


China First Coal Development Project

China First (Galilee Coal Project, Northern Export Facility) | Waratah Coal proposes an $8b integrated open-cut and underground mining operation, rail system and port facilities to produce 40mtpa thermal coal. | www.waratahcoal.com |



China Stone Coal Development Project

China Stone | Queensland company Macmines plans to develop a 40mtpa

(product coal) thermal coal mine, including open-cut and underground

operations. The proposal includes construction of an on-site power station

with a generation capacity of up to 1000MW.| www.macmines.com |

Codrilla Coal Development Project

Codrilla | Peabody Energy has deferred development of this proposed $250m open-cut metallurgical mine project. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

Dingo West Coal Development Project

Dingo West | Bandanna Energy is undertaking a definitive feasibility study for development of an open-cut mine producing about 1mtpa PCI and thermal coal. | www.bandannaenergy.com.au



Drake Coal Development Project

Drake | QCoal is developing an open-cut mine producing up to 6mtpa thermal and metallurgical coal. | www.qcoal.com.au |


Dysart East Coal Development Project

Dysart East | this proposed Bengal Coal mine is expected to produce 1.9mtpa ROM metallurgical coal. | http://bengalenergy.in/ |


Eagle Downs Coal Development Project

Eagle Downs | a 50:50 joint venture between Aquila Resources (taken over in 2014 by Baosteel and Aurizon) and Vale. Construction is under way for this longwall coking coal mine. | www.vale.com |

Ellensfield Coal Development Project

Ellensfield | Vale has a feasibility study under way for the development of a

new longwall operation. | www.vale.com |

Fairhill Coal Development Project

Fairhill | Queensland Coal is planning an open-cut mining operation at this thermal/coking coal project with JORC 2012 inferred resources of 337 million tonnes. Detailed mine and business plans have been completed and feasibility work is under way. | www.qldcoal.com |

Grosvenor Coal Development Project

Grosvenor | a $1.95b Greenfield underground longwall mine, 100 per

cent owned by Anglo American. Construction commenced early in 2013 and is

well advanced, with first longwall production expected in late 2016.

| www.angloamerican.com.au |

Grosvenor West Coal Development Project

Grosvenor West | Carabella Resources has commenced a feasibility study for

the Grosvenor West project, involving a potential 5.5mtpa hard coking coal

development. A mining lease application was lodged in September 2012.

Harrybrandt Coal Development Project

Harrybrandt | owned by Yancoal International, this deposit is being studied as a potential open-cut operation producing PCI and anthracite coals. |www.yancoalaustralia.com.au

Jax Coal Development Project

Jax | QCoal is developing an open-cut mine producing 1.8mtpa thermal and

metallurgical coal.| www.qcoal.com.au |

Kevin's Corner Coal Development Project

Kevin’s Corner | GVK Hancock’s proposed development includes underground longwall and open-cut mining operations, to produce up to 30mtpa of high quality thermal coal. Once regulatory bodies have addressed litigious challenges to approvals, the project will execute coal off-take agreements before finalising financing arrangements and announcing a date for commencement of construction. | www.gvkhancockcoal.com

Lenton Coal Development Project

New Lenton | held by New Hope Corporation in joint venture with Formosa Plastics

Group. The joint venture is seeking approvals for the development of an opencut

mine to produce thermal and metallurgical coal. An Environmental Impact

Statement process has commenced. | www.newhopegroup.com.au |

Mackenzie Coal Development Project

Mackenzie | Stanmore Coal has formed a joint venture with Cape Coal to progress this coking coal project. It aims to begin production in 2018 from an open-pit operation producing about 2mtpa metallurgical coal. Concept studies continue. | www.stanmorecoal.com.au |

Mackenzie North Coal Development Project

Mackenzie North | Jellinbah Coal proposes the development of a new satellite pit producing about 2mtpa to extend the life of the Jellinbah East mine. | www.jellinbah.com.au

Minyango Coal Development Project

Minyango | Guandong Rising Asset Management took over Caledon Resources in 2011 and is undertaking a feasibility study into the development of an underground mine to produce up to 7.5mtpa metallurgical and thermal coal. | N6


Moorlands Coal Development Project

Moorlands | Cuesta Coal has completed a mine scoping study and a definitive feasibility study is under way.  Production is planned for 2016| www.cuestacoal.com.au|

Moranbah South Coal Development Project

Moranbah South | Anglo American (50 per cent owner) has a prefeasibility

study under way looking at the development of a greenfield underground hard

coking coal mine, located to the south of the future Grosvenor mine. | www.

angloamerican.com.au | M4

Olive Downs North Coal Development Project

Olive Downs North | Peabody Energy is the majority owner of this open-cut metallurgical coal resource, with the potential to extend the life of its existing Moorvale Mine. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

Orion Downs Coal Development Project

Orion Downs | U & D Mining Industry recently took over Endocoal, which had completed a project evaluation for the development of a 1.5mtpa thermal coal operation. | www.udmining.com.au |

Red Hill Coal Development Project

Red Hill | as part of the Red Hill Mining Lease Project, BMA has been assessing a future option for an underground mine project producing up to 14mtpa of coking coal. There are currently no plans to proceed with this component of the mining lease project. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Rockwood Coal Development Project

Rockwood | U & D Mining Industry recently took over Endocoal, which had started mine planning investigations at this PCI project. | www.udmining.com.au

Sarum Coal Development Project

Sarum | Glencore, on behalf of the NCA joint venture, is exploring the feasibility of constructing a $1b open-cut mine producing 3-10mtpa thermal and metallurgical coal. | www.glencore.com |

South Galilee Coal Development Project

South Galilee | Bandanna Energy and AMCI have a feasibility study and EIS under way for development of an open-cut and underground operation producing 15mtpa thermal coal. | www.southgalilee.com.au |


Springsure Creek Coal Development Project

Springsure Creek | Bandanna Energy has submitted a mining lease application for development of an underground longwall mine, producing about 7mtpa ROM thermal coal. The initial development is expected to cost about $750m. Coal shipments could begin in late 2015. | www.bandannaenergy.com.au


Styx's Coal Development Project

Styx’s coal project | prefeasibility studies have commenced for this joint venture project between Waratah Coal and Queensland Nickel, expected to produce 1-2mtpa metallurgical and thermal coal. | www.waratahcoal.com |


Talwood Coal Development Project

Talwood | Aquila Resources is conducting prefeasibility work for the establishment of a longwall operation producing up to 4mtpa ROM thermal and metallurgical coal. |

www.aquilaresources.com.au |



Togarah North Coal Development Project

Togarah North | prefeasibility work is under way for an $800m underground mine producing about 6mtpa thermal coal. The project is a joint venture of Glencore subsidiary Enex Togara with Dongbu Australia, Hyosung

Resources, Kores Australia and MM Resources.| www.glencore.com |


Taroborah Coal Development Project

Taroborah | Shenhuo International Group proposes an open-cut and underground thermal coal operation producing about 5mtpa thermal coal with an expected development cost of about $665m. |


Teresa Coal Development Project

Teresa |  Linc Energy subsidiary New Emerald Coal has an EIS process under way for a potential underground development to produce up to 6.4mtpa metallurgical coal from as early as 2015.

| http://www.newemeraldcoal.com/


Valeria Coal Development Project

Valeria | a large thermal resource managed by majority owner Rio Tinto Coal Australia. Order of magnitude options review and scoping study under way. | www.riotintocoalaustralia.com | M6


Vermont East / Willunga Coal Development Project

Vermont East/Willunga | Peabody Energy is the majority owner of this open-cut metallurgical and thermal coal resource.| www.peabodyenergy.com.au | N5


Walton Coal Development Project

Walton | Aquila Resources (taken over in 2014 by Baosteel and Aurizon) has completed a concept study for this PCI coal project.|

Washpool Coal Mine Development Project

Washpool | a proposed open-cut operation with a capacity of 2.6mtpa metallurgical coal. |



West Rolleston Coal Mine Development Project

West Rolleston | Peabody Energy is the majority owner of this open-cut thermal coal resource. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au | M8

Wilton Coal Mine Development Project

Wilton | Coal of Queensland is targeting a production date of 2015 for this coking coal project, with a revised JORC 2012 statement compiling exploration results due by Q3 2014. | www.coalofqld.com.au

Winchester South Coal Mine Development Project

Winchester South | resource managed by majority owner Rio Tinto Coal Australia. Work is under way to determine coal quality and yield information for a potential thermal and metallurgical operation. | www.riotintocoalaustralia.com | N5


Yamala Coal Mine Development Project

Yamala | held by New Hope Corporation in joint venture with a subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation, this project offers a large resource of thermal coal. A mine concept study has been completed and the next steps are being determined by the joint venture. | www.newhopegroup.com.au  


Port Operations & Projects | Yarwun Export Terminal

Yarwun Export Terminal | proponent Tenement to Terminal (3TL) is planning to build a terminal with capacity of up to 50mtpa for coal and other goods.  | www.3tltd.com.au |



Port Operations & Projects | Wiggins Island

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) | construction of this industry-funded terminal is more than 85 per cent complete for Stage One, which

will deliver 27mtpa export capacity. The terminal is to be built in stages to

match demand and is expected to have a capacity of up to 80mtpa when fully

commissioned. | http://wicet.com.au/ |


Port Operations & Projects | Port of Gladstone

Port of Gladstone | the RG Tanna Coal Terminal and Barney Point Terminal have a combined capacity to handle more than 75mtpa coal. The existing Fisherman’s Landing Port Facility accommodates a multi-user bulk liquids wharf, Cement Australia’s cement and clinker wharf, Rio Tinto Yarwun’s wharf and Orica Australia’s bulk liquid ammonia tank. | www.gpcl.com.au |



Port Operations & Projects | Port Alma Shipping Terminal

Port Alma Shipping Terminal | this facility handles niche market products including ammonium nitrate and explosives. | www.gpcl.com.au |


Port Operations & Projects | Hay Point Coal Terminal

Hay Point Coal Terminal | construction is well advanced on the Stage 3 expansion to increase capacity from 44mtpa to 55mtpa at this BMA facility. Initial shipments are expected in CY2015. | www.bhpbilliton.com |


Port Operations & Projects | Fitzroy Terminal

Fitzroy Terminal Project | a $1.2b proposal to construct a coal export

facility adjacent to Port Alma with export capacity of 22mtpa.

The project is owned by a consortium including Queensland based private

investment group Mitchell Group Holdings. | www.ftproject.com.au |

Port Operations & Projects | Dudgeon Point

Dudgeon Point | EIS studies were paused by preferred developers Dudgeon Point Project Management and Adani Mining last year. NQBP has since made a request to

Port Operations & Projects | Dalrymple Bay

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal | a $1.3b expansion project was completed in 2009 to take this facility’s capacity to 85mtpa. | www.dbct.com.au | O3

Port Operations & Projects | Balaclava Island

Balaclava Island Coal Export Terminal Project (BICET) | Glencore announced last year that it had stopped work on a proposed 35mtpa shipping terminal. | www.balaclavaislandcoal.com.au | Q7


Processing Projects | Yarwun Aluminia Refinery

Yarwun Alumina Refinery | construction on a $2.4b expansion project at this Rio Tinto Alcan-owned plant was completed in 2012 to take capacity to 3.4mtpa. | www.riotintoalcan.com

Processing Projects | QLD Nitrate Plant

Queensland Nitrate Plant | a joint venture involving Dyno Nobel and CSBP (Wesfarmers), this facility is designed to produce 180,000 tonnes per year of ammonium nitrate. | www.dawsonvalley.net/QNP/ |


Processing Projects | QAL Refinery

QAL refinery | Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) is one of the world’s largest alumina refineries, producing about 3.95mtpa of smelter grade alumina. | www.qal.com.au |



Processing Projects | Parkhurst Magnesia Plant

Parkhurst Magnesia Plant | global industrial minerals group Sibelco acquired plant operator Queensland Magnesia (QMAG) in 2012. | www.qmag.com.au |


Processing Projects | Orica Chemical Plant

Orica Chemical Plant | this site produces about 560,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate products annually for the mining industry as well as 95,000 tonnes of sodium cyanide and about 9000 tonnes of chlorine and associated products. | www.oricaminingservices.com |


Processing Projects |New Fuels Development Centre

New Fuels Development Centre | QER (Queensland Energy Resources) is seeking partners to progress the development of a commercial oil shale project following conclusion of a demonstration program for its Paraho II processing technology. |www.qer.com.au

Processing Projects | Moranbah Ammonium Nitrate Plant

Moranbah Ammonium Nitrate Plant | this $935m plant, owned by Incitec Pivot Limited subsidiary Dyno Nobel, began production in 2012. | www.incitecpivot.com.au |

Processing Projects | Gladstone Steel Plant

Gladstone Steel Plant Project | administrators have been appointed for Boulder Steel, which proposed construction of a $4b semi-finished steel plant to produce 5mtpa of slabs and billets. Efforts continue to find investors to support the development, now known as the Euroa Steel Plant Project.


Processing Projects | Cement Australia

Cement Australia | Australia’s largest cement plant, Cement Australia’s facility at Fisherman’s Landing has a production capacity of more than 1.7 million tonnes of cement per annum. | www.cemaust.com.au |


Processing Projects | Gladstone Pacific Nickel

Gladstone Pacific Nickel refinery proposal | Gladstone Pacific Nickel  has undertaken an integrated definitive feasibility study for the Gladstone Nickel Project, which includes the development of a $US3.65 billion nickel and cobalt refinery to treat nickel laterite ores from overseas as well as beneficiated ores from its Marlborough deposits. The project has State and federal environmental approvals but remains on hold. | www.gladstonepacific.com.au

Processing Projects | Boyne Smelters

Boyne Smelters | Pacific Aluminium is the largest shareholder in the Boyne Smelters joint venture, which produces about 566,000 tonnes of aluminium per annum. | www.pacificaluminium.com.au

MineralDevelopment Projects | Twin Hills

Twin Hills | Evolution Mining views this gold project as a potential stand-alone operation. | www.evolutionmining.com.au |


Mineral Development Projects | Rannes

Rannes | Solomon Gold is continuing drilling, with a target of 2 million oz of gold equivalent, at this gold-silver project. | www.solomongold.com |


Mineral Development Project | Mt Morgan Mine Project

Mount Morgan Mine Project | Carbine Resources acquired this project through the acquisition of Raging Bull Metals. Carbine has completed initial tests on tailings and will immediately proceed to phase 2 testing, which

will include completion of a scoping study for restarting tailings processing

operations. |www.carbineresources.com.au |

Mineral Development Projects | Mt Kroombit

Mt Kroombit | Argonaut Resources has completed the scoping study for development of an $87m zinc-copper operation and is continuing work to expand the resource. | www.argonautresources.com |


Mineral Development Projects | Mt Cannindah

Mt Cannindah | Planet Metals’ farm-in partner Drummond Gold recently finalised an advanced technical study into this copper-gold project. | www.planetmetals.com.au |

Mineral Development Projects | Marlborough

Marlborough | Gladstone Pacific Nickel proposes development of a new nickel-cobalt mine to feed a planned refinery at Gladstone. EIS completed. | www.gladstonepacific.com.au

Mineral Development Projects | Eulogie

Eulogie | Eastern Iron has completed a concept study for the development of this magnetite project and is in discussions for funding for a prefeasibility study. |www.easterniron.com.au |

Mineral Development Projects | Ben Hur

Ben Hur | Aeon Metals is seeking joint venture parties to advance this copper project, part of a parcel of significant projects including the Greater Whitewash polymetallic resource and 7B copper-gold project. |www.aeonmetals.com.au


Mineral Development Projects | Anthony

Anthony | Zamia Metals is seeking a strategic/joint venture partner to fund this molybdenum project through to completion of a definitive feasibility study. | www.zamia.com.au  |

Mineral Mining Operations | Kunwarara Magnesite Operation

Kunwarara magnesite operation | global industrial minerals group Sibelco in 2012 acquired Queensland Magnesia (QMAG), which mines magnesite ore here and at the Yaamba satellite deposit. | www.qmag.com.au

www.sibelco.com.au | P6

Mineral Mining Operations | Goondicum

Goondicum | Canadian company Melior Resources plans to reopen this ilmenite mine after buying out former owner Belridge Enterprises. |http://www.meliorresources.com/|

Mineral Mining Operations | East End Mine

East End Mine | Queensland’s largest limestone mine operation, this site supplies lime to the Cement Australia manufacturing plant at Gladstone. | www.cemaust.com.au |



Mineral Mining Operations | Calliope

Calliope | owned by Sibelco, limestone mined here is used in products including road base and aggregate for drainage. | www.sibelco.com

Mineral Mining Operations | Brolga

Brolga| Queensland Nickel Group started mining at this nickel project in 2012. A feasibility study is under way to determine the best means of delivery to the QN refinery, 25km north of Townsville. | http://www.qni.com.au/


Mineral Mining Operations | Bajool

Bajool | owned by Omya, the bulk of the calcium carbonate limestone produced at this site goes to a processing plant in Geelong while about a third is used at underground coal mines in central Queensland. | www.omya.com.au |



Power Stations & Projects | Moranbah Power Station

Moranbah power station| this 12.2MW coal seam methane facility is owned and operated by AGL. The Moranbah Gas Project supplies 1.5 PJ of gas per year to this power station – half to generate electricity for domestic use and the other half to generate electricity to power the MGP. | www.agl.com.au

Power Stations & Projects | Moranbah North Power Plant

Moranbah North power plant| clean energy company Energy Developments has pioneered the collection and combustion of waste coal mine gas at this 45MW project, which draws its fuel from Anglo Coal’s Moranbah North coal mine | www.energydevelopments.com

Power Stations & Projects | Mackay Gas Turbine

Mackay gas turbine | two jet engines power the turbines at this 34MW plant, fuelled by diesel. Stanwell Corporation uses the gas turbine to generate electricity in periods of high customer demand. | http://stanwell.com/

Power Stations & Projects | Gladstone

Gladstone | NRG Gladstone Operating Services runs this 1680MW coal-fired plant on behalf of joint venture participants including Rio Tinto and NRG Energy. | www.nrggos.com.au


Power Stations & Projects | Galilee

Galilee | Waratah Coal proposes development of an integrated gasification combined cycle plant, with a capacity of 450MW and potential to upgrade to 900MW, in conjunction with its Galilee Basin coal projects. The proposal is being considered by the State and Federal governments. | www.waratahcoal.com


Power Stations & Projects | Collinsville

Collinsville | this 195MW coal-fired plant owned by RATCH  Australia (RAC) has been decommissioned and is subject to a feasibility study for potential conversion to a to a 30MW hybrid solar thermal/gas power station.  RAC is also planning a 20MW solar PV project on the site. | http://ratchaustralia.com/index.html


Power Stations & Projects Callide Oxyfuel Project

Callide Oxyfuel Project | commissioning of this $245m carbon capture project is complete. The demonstration project has been operating in oxy-firing

mode at Callide A power station since December 2012. It is a joint venture

between CS Energy, ACA Low Emissions Technologies, Glencore, Schlumberger

Carbon Services and Japanese participants J-POWER, Mitsui & Co., Ltd, and IHI

Corporation. | www.callideoxyfuel.com |


Power Stations & Projects | Callide C

Callide C | owned in a 50:50 joint venture by CS Energy and InterGen, this

810MW plant is supplied with coal from Anglo American’s adjacent Callide

Mine. | www.csenergy.com.au |

Power Stations & Projects | Callide B

Callide B | owned and operated by CS Energy, this 700MW coal-fired plant is supplied with coal from Anglo American’s adjacent Callide Mine. |www.csenergy.com.au


Power Stations & Projects | Burdekin Hydro

Burdekin hydro | Stanwell Corporation recently agreed to sell the rights to develop a hydroelectric power station at Sun Water’s Burdekin Falls Dam to Meridian Energy. | http://stanwell.com/

Power Staions & Projects | Barcaldine Power Station

Barcaldine | Ergon Energy owns and operates this 55MW combined cycle gas power station. |www.ergon.com.au|

Other CSG Project / Operation | Westside Corporation

WestSide Corporation| WestSide has a 51 per cent operating interest in the Meridian gas field, with Mitsui E&P Australia holding the remaining 49 per cent. The company recently began a drilling campaign to supply increasing volumes of gas, of up to 65 TJ/day, under a gas sales agreement with GLNG. WestSide also has 25.5 per cent operating interests in two other Bowen Basin CSG exploration tenements (in joint venture with Mitsui E&P Australia and QGC) covering the Paranui, Tilbrook and Mount Saint Martin projects. | www.westsidecorporation.com

Other CSG Project / Operation | PetroChina Australia

PetroChina Australia | Molopo Energy in late 2012 sold its Bowen Basin CSG assets for $41m to PetroChina Australia.  The package includes tenements in the Mungi, Harcourt and Timmy gasfields as well as in the Lilyvale and Oak Park project areas. | www.petrochina.com.cn


Other CSG Project / Operation | Moranbah Gas Project

Moranbah Gas Project | this is a 50/50 joint venture between Arrow and AGL, operated by Arrow. It supplies gas to the Moranbah and Townsville power stations, an ammonium nitrate plant in Moranbah and two mineral refining facilities in North Queensland. | www.arrowenergy.com.au

LNG Project | Gladstone LNG

Gladstone LNG | LNG Limited proposes to develop an LNG plant at Fisherman’s Landing, Gladstone. It is continuing efforts to source gas supply for its first two proposed LNG trains, each with a capacity of 1.5mtpa. | www.lnglimited.com.au |



Australia Pacific LNG

Australia Pacific LNG  | a joint venture between Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec involving further development of coal seam gas fields in the Surat and Bowen basins, construction of a 530km pipeline and a multi-train LNG facility on Curtis Island. It is expected to cost $24.7b for the full two-train development. Construction is more than 75 per cent complete and remains on track for first LNG in mid-2015.| www.aplng.com.au | www.aplng.com.au |

LNG Project | Abbot Point

Abbot Point LNG plant | Energy World Corporation is considering the feasibility of establishing a modular LNG facility with a capacity up to 2mtpa. | http://energyworldcorp.com/index.html |



Baralaba Coal Mine

Baralaba | Cockatoo Coal recently began production from the Baralaba North expansion project at a rate of 1mtpa.  The approvals process is under way to expand the project to 3.5mtpa at a cost of $311m. |www.cockatoocoal.com.au |

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