Liquefied Natural Gas Projects

107 Abbot Point LNG plant | N1

Energy World Corporation proposes to establish a $US500 million 0.5mtpa LNG plant. The proposal includes development of a 350km pipeline to the Bowen and Surat basins, at a cost of about $US388 million. Subsequent phases could link the project to the Gilmore and Eromanga gas fields. Production would increase to 2mtpa in a second stage. |

108 Arrow LNG Plant Project | Q7

Arrow Energy, acquired by Shell-PetroChina in 2010, plans to develop a 16mtpa LNG facility at Gladstone to be supplied by its coal seam gas reserves in the Bowen and Surat basins. This project was formerly known as the Shell Australia LNG Project. |

109 Australia Pacific LNG project | Q7/P8

Australia Pacific LNG, a joint venture between Origin Energy and ConocoPhillips, has State and federal environmental approval for a $35 billion liquefied natural gas project. The project involves further development of coal seam gas fields in the Surat and Bowen basins, construction of a 450km pipeline and a multi-train LNG plant with capacity of up to 18mtpa. First exports are scheduled for 2014. |

110 Gladstone LNG project | R7

LNG Limited proposes to develop an LNG plant at Fisherman's Landing, Gladstone, with first cargo expected in 2013. It is continuing efforts to source gas supply for its first two proposed LNG trains, each with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per annum. |

111 GLNG project | R7/N8

this $16 billion liquefied natural gas project was approved early this year, with first exports expected in 2015. It includes the development of coal seam gas (CSG) resources in the Bowen and Surat basins, construction of a 420km pipeline and two LNG trains with a capacity of 7.8mtpa. GLNG is a joint venture between Santos and three of the world's largest LNG companies – PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS. |

112 Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (QCLNG) project | R7

this $15 billion project was approved late last year, with first exports expected in 2014. The first phase of this BG Group project includes the development of a two-train liquefaction plant with a capacity of 8.5mtpa, related wells, field facilities and pipelines. |

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