Mineral Mining Operations

84 Bajool | Q7

owned by Omya, the bulk of the calcium carbonate limestone produced at this site goes to a processing plant in Geelong while about a third is used at underground coal mines in central Queensland. | www.omya.com.au

85 Calliope | Q7

owned by Sibelco, limestone mined here is used in products including road base and aggregate for drainage. | www.sibelco.com

86 East End mine | Q7

Queensland's largest limestone mine operation, this site supplies lime to the Cement Australia manufacturing plant at Gladstone. | www.cemaust.com.au

87 Kunwarara magnesite operation | P6

Queensland Magnesia mines about 5mtpa of magnesite ore to produce about 600,000 tonnes of magnesite after on-site beneficiation. The company recently began mining a satellite deposit at Yaamba. | www.qmag.com.au

88 Yaamba | P6

Queensland Magnesia recently began working this deposit, mining about 1mtpa of ore to produce just over 100,000 tonnes of magnesite. | www.qmag.com.au

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