Details on Isaac shire - one of the richest local authorities in Queensland

Posted September 2, 2015

Isaac Shire Mines

Gross Regional Product: Isaacs’ GRP is estimated at $8.770 billion this has increased from an estimated $8,587 in June 2014. Isaac represents 48.86% of Mackay SD (SA4)’s GRP of $17.950 billion. (GRP is the net measure of wealth generated by the region). Per capita GRP Isaac is over five times the Queensland average and Per Worker GRP it is nearly three times that of Queensland.

Population: 24,445 residents (although, an additional 11,085 resource sector workers travel here and are housed in temporary accommodation).

At any one time the full-time equivalent population in the Isaac region is estimated at 35,845.

Location: The region is situated 1,000km north-west of Brisbane and 900km south of Cairns, with access to world class export infrastructure, the area is strategically placed to capitalise on the economic opportunities associated with the rise of Asia.

Geography: The Isaac region encompasses an area of 58,862 km², from prime agricultural land to the mineral rich northern Bowen Basin; the area also includes a coastal strip that brings with it fishing and crabbing opportunities. Isaac includes the modern mining towns of Moranbah, Middlemount, Dysart and Glenden, the historic communities of Nebo, Clermont and St Lawrence and small picturesque coastal villages and rural localities. Moranbah is the main service centre for the region with an estimated population of 9,120.


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