Dump your junk at the gym

Posted May 29, 2015

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Winter has arrived and for many remote workers this means an extra layer of fat is appearing around the mid-section.

By now, new year’s resolutions are well and truly forgotten and the temptation to enjoy sneaky seconds at the site mess is just a bit too much.

The latest data from the Australian Department of Health shows that 67 per cent of mine workers are overweight or obese – eight per cent higher than the national average.

In a separate survey conducted by Diabetes Queensland the state’s resources communities came out top of the list for their appetite for junk food with mining hubs Central Highlands, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Western Downs and Mount Isa securing spots in the top 11.

This year, the experts are encouraging workers to step out of the hibernation cave (the site donga), get moving, and take a healthier bite at dinner time.

Dallas Kingdom is an ex-military man who now acts as the active life coordinator at BHP Billiton’s Cannington mine.

People weren’t always very forthcoming in seeking too much help, said Mr Kingdom.

But battling the bulge on site could be as simple as walking to shift each day and spending a little less time at the bar, said Mr Kingdom.

“At Cannington we have really good participation through our classes and gym usage. In February about 19 per cent of people on site were utilising the facilities.

“On top of that we have the swimming pool and community style sports that people play.

“My number one tip is walk to and from site. Here that’s about a 3km walk each way and maybe steering clear from the bar every now and then.

“I’ve had guys losing 15 – 20 kilos just by doing simple things like that.”

Diet was also a key contributor to weight gain on site, said Mr Kingdom.

“I’d encourage portion control. I use the quarter, quarter, half which is basically where we have a quarter protein, quarter carbohydrates and half of salads, veggies and that type of thing,” he said.

“Try and throw salad on your plate to fill yourself up.

“Here on site we have a Nutritious Life menu offering eat most, eat moderate and eat less options. They’re all labeled. We always encourage the guys to target the eat most options.

“We also run the Whole Plus Sum menu. The guys can walk up to a bain-marie and use measured utensils to monitor their kilojoule intake for the day.”

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