GVK opts for bussing to complement FIFO

Posted September 7, 2015

GVK Hancock has announced plans to provide bus-in, bus-out services for regional workers for its proposed Galilee Basin mining operations.

General manager external affairs Josh Euler said the bus option would complement the unavoidable need for a fly-in, fly-out component to meet the requirement of more than 4000 direct jobs at the company’s proposed mines.

“The Galilee Basin is a sparsely populated area, so co-ordinating workforce requirements that find a balance with the local community is vital,” Mr Euler said.

“The bus-in, bus-out service will extend employment benefits from our project to Emerald and Barcaldine and beyond, incorporating additional pick-up and drop-off points along the route at towns such as Jericho and Alpha.

“Fatigue management will be a crucial element of our safety and health management system and employees will be required to commit to personal journey management plans for any travel to and from the terminal points of Emerald, Barcaldine and the airport as a condition of their employment.”

GVK Hancock is developing three coal deposits north of Alpha in the Galilee Basin in central Queensland – the Alpha, Kevin’s Corner, and Alpha West projects.

It is yet to announce a date for commencement of construction.

The Alpha and Kevin’s Corner thermal coal mines are expected to produce 32mtpa and 28mtpa respectively, with a mine life of more than 30 years.

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