How do you spend $5b?

Posted November 13, 2015

NQ Big Picture

(Big picture funding questions will be answered through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility Consultation (NAIFC) process)

How do you spend $5b?

That’s the question the federal government is putting to north Queenslanders.

It wants input to the design and operation of its $5 billion concessional loan facility (NAIF) for northern Australia.

The NAIF is part of the strategy for northern Australia, which includes Gladstone.

From 2016-17, it will offer up to $5 billion in concessional loans to encourage and complement private sector investment in economic infrastructure that would otherwise not be built.

The NAIF will also bring forward the construction of infrastructure that would otherwise not be built for some time.

Through the NAIF, the Commonwealth will partner with the private sector and the governments of the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, to provide loans on concessional terms for the construction of major projects such as airports, ports, roads, rail, energy, water, and communications infrastructure.



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