Major Projects Map

Skardon River

Argonaut. Gulf Alumina aims to begin mining in 2014, with an expected initial output of 1.5mtpa of bauxite. |


Westmoreland (Lagoon Creek) | Laramide Resources proposes a $200m-plus uranium mine development. | |

Twin Hills deposit

Texas silver and polymetallic project | Alcyone Resources has recommenced silver production at the Twin Hills deposit and is upgrading plant. It is looking to develop Mt Gunyan deposit as a second source of ore. | |

Power - North Queensland Bio-Energy Project

North Queensland Bio-Energy Project – ($520m) plans for a multifunctional sugar facility proposed to produce about 330,000 tonnes of sugar, have an ethanol distillation capacity of 200,000 litres per day and generate up to 85MW of renewable power.  Funding negotiations continue. The plant is proposed to begin operations in 2017 – North Queensland Bio-Energy Corporation

Power - Mount Emerald Wind Farm

Mount Emerald Wind farm – ($380m) proposal to build 63 wind turbines generating up to 189MW of power - Ratch-Australia Corporation Limited

and Port Bajool

Power - Kennedy Wind & Solar Farm Project

Kennedy Wind and Solar Farm Project – ($2b) a proposal for up to 450 wind turbines and 650MW of solar panels to produce up to 1300MW of electricity.  Phased development to begin with about 100MW of generation capacity.  Construction of first phase expected to commence in 2015/16 - Windlab Systems

Power - Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Coopers Gap wind farm – ($1b) proposal to develop a 350MW capacity wind farm, with 115 turbines - AGL Energy

Gas - Santos GLNG

* Santos GLNG - ($18.5b) construction is under way on this project, with first LNG cargoes scheduled for export in 2015. It includes the development of coal seam gas fields in the Bowen and Surat basins, construction of a 420km underground gas transmission pipeline, and a two-train LNG facility on Curtis Island, Gladstone. The Santos GLNG Project is a joint venture between Santos, PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS. Major contractors include Fluor Australia, Saipem Australia and Bechtel Australia – Santos

Gas - Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline

* Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline - ($900m) proposal to develop an 831km gas pipeline between the Wallumbilla gas hub in Queensland and Newcastle in NSW. Construction is expected to begin in late 2015 or 2016 - Hunter Gas Pipeline

Gas - Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG)

* Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) – ($20b) the first cargo of LNG was loaded from this project in late December 2014, after more than four years of development and construction on Curtis Island. The project is due to expand further with the start-up of the second train in the third quarter of 2015. At plateau production, expected during 2016, QCLNG will have an output of about 8 million tonnes of LNG a year. The project includes the development of a two-train liquefaction plant, related wells, field facilities and pipelines. The main contractors developing the first phase of QCLNG include Bechtel Australia, Thiess and the MCJV joint venture between McConnell Dowell Constructors and Consolidated Contractors Company - BG Group

Gas - Liberty Gas and Fertilizer Project

* Liberty gas and fertiliser project - ($4b) proposal for a $1.4b gas plant to be fast-tracked as part of a $4b gas-electricity-fertiliser project. Scoping studies are advanced for production of syngas through a coal seam injection process – Liberty Resources

Gas - Gladstone LNG Project

* Gladstone LNG project - LNG Limited proposes to develop an LNG plant at Fisherman’s Landing, Gladstone. It is continuing efforts to source gas supply for its first two proposed LNG trains, each with a capacity of 1.5mtpa - LNG Limited

Gas - Blue Gum Gas Project


* Blue Gum gas project - ($650m) proposed expansion of activities at the Bloodwood Creek underground coal gasification site and operation of a synthetic natural gas plant at the adjacent Blue Gum property to produce about 25 PJ per annum for about 30 years. The proponent aims to be in production by 2017 – Carbon Energy

Gas - Australia Pacific LNG

* Australia Pacific LNG  - ($25b) a joint venture between Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec involving further development of coal seam gas fields in the Surat and Bowen basins, construction of a 530km pipeline and a multi-train LNG facility on Curtis Island. It is expected to cost $24.7b for the full two-train development. Construction remains on track for first LNG in mid-2015 – Australia Pacific LNG

Gas - Arrow LNG


* Arrow LNG – ($15b) parent companies Shell and PetroChina are yet to make a final investment decision to develop Arrow’s proposed CSG-LNG facility on Curtis Island. The Arrow LNG Project comprises five sub-projects – the Bowen Gas Project, Surat Gas Project, Arrow Surat Pipeline and Arrow Bowen Pipeline as well as the Arrow LNG Plant.  In September 2014, the Bowen Gas Project moved into its front-end engineering design (FEED) phase as the next step in developing and commercialising Arrow’s significant Bowen Basin gas reserves. The Clough AMEC joint venture has been awarded the FEED contract. In December 2014, Arrow announced it had moved into the FEED phase for the 500km Arrow Bowen Pipeline development, with the FEED contract awarded to WorleyParsons – Arrow Energy |

Gas - Abbot Point LNG Plant

* Abbot Point LNG plant - Energy World Corporation is considering the feasibility of establishing a modular LNG facility with an initial capacity of 2mtpa, expanding to 5mtpa - Energy World Corporation

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Wilton Coal Project

* Wiltona 5mpta open-cut mining operation is planned for this coking coal project, with a 2.28 billion-tonne resource. Initial test pit operations are planned for 2015 - Coal of Queensland

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Teresa Coal Project

*Teresa coal project – ($500m) Linc Energy subsidiary New Emerald Coal has an EIS process under way for a potential underground development to produce about 6mtpa metallurgical coal. The company is targeting first coal in 2016, moving to full production in 2018 - New Emerald Coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - South Galilee Coal Project

* South Galilee coal project - ($4.2b) – proposal for development of an open-cut and underground operation producing 15mtpa thermal coal. It received State Government approval in December 2014 – AMCI

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Springsure Creek Coal Mine

* Springsure Creek  Coal Mine– ($750) Bandanna Energy has submitted a mining lease application for development of an underground longwall mine, producing about 7mtpa ROM thermal coal. The Administrators of Bandanna Energy are working with investors for the recapitalisation of the company to enable progress of project development - Bandanna Energy

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Rolleston Expansion Project

* Rolleston expansion project - a joint venture between Glencore, Sumisho Coal Australia and IRCA Rolleston, this open-cut mine is approved to produce up to 14mtpa of thermal coal. Glencore is progressing its Rolleston Coal Expansion Project, which would extend the mine life to 2045 and increase production to 19mtpa – Glencore

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - QCoal Northern Hub

* QCoal Northern Hub – early works have started on the new Drake open-cut mine which will produce up to 6mtpa of thermal and metallurgical coal. While the Drake Mine has approval for construction and operation of a coal processing and rail loading facility, early coal will be processed using the existing infrastructure at QCoal’s nearby Sonoma Mine. QCoal’s Northern Hub of operations includes the Sonoma, Cows, Drake and Jax sites – QCoal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - New Acland Expansion Project

* New Acland expansion project – ($896m) an expansion project is proposed to lift production at this open-cut operation from about 4.8mtpa to 7.5mtpa thermal coal. Queensland’s Co-ordinator General announced approval of the project in December 2014 – New Hope

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Moorlands Coal Mine

* Moorlands coal minea definitive feasibility study is under way for a new open-cut thermal coal mine. Shallow coal is present in thick seams amenable to truck and shovel mining, targeting a ROM production rate of 1.9mtpa over a 30 year mine life. The proponent says it remains on track for first coal production in 2016 - Cuesta Coal|

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Kevin's Corner Coal Mine

* Kevin’s Corner coal mine - ($4.2b) proposed development includes the combination of underground longwall and open-cut mining operations, to produce up to 30mtpa of high quality thermal coal. The project has attained State and Federal environmental approval and is advancing to a point where a date for the commencement of construction can be announced – GVK Hancock

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Grosvenor Coal Mine

* Grosvenor coal mine - ($1.95b) greenfield underground longwall mine development. Construction commenced early in 2013 and is well advanced, with first longwall production expected in late 2016 - Anglo American

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Foxleigh Coal Mine

* Foxleigh mine - a feasibility study is in progress for an expansion project to increase capacity to 4mtpa - Anglo American

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Fairhill Coal Project

* Fairhill coal project  - a 5mtpa open-cut mining operation is planned at this coking coal project with JORC 2012 inferred resources of 337 million tonnes. Initial test pit operations are planned for 2015 - Coal of Queensland

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Eagle Downs Mine

* Eagle Downs mine – ($1.25b) a 50:50 joint venture between Aquila Resources (taken over in 2014 by Baosteel and Aurizon) and Vale. Construction is under way for this longwall coking coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects / Collingwood - Taroom Coal Project

* Collingwood-Taroom coal project – ($1b) proposal to develop twin thermal coal projects, regarded as having the potential to export up to a combined 14mtpa across 25 years – New Hope Group and Mitsui Coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - China Stone Coal Mine

* China Stone coal mine – ($5b) plans for a 40mtpa (product coal) thermal coal mine, including open-cut and underground operations. The proposal includes construction of an on-site power station with a generation capacity of up to 1000MW. Mine construction is expected to begin in 2016, with first coal produced in 2018 – MacMines Austasia

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - China First Coal

* China First coal (Galilee Coal Project, Northern Export Facility)- ($6.4b) proposal for an open-cut and underground mining operation, rail system and port facilities to produce 40mtpa thermal coal – Waratah Coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Carmichael Coal Mine

* Carmichael coal mine – ($16.5b) - the Adani Group plans a 60mtpa thermal coal mine and rail project in the Galilee Basin, with the coal to be exported from its terminal at Abbot Point from 2017. Construction is due to start in late 2015. Downer EDI has won contracts worth more than $2b over seven years for the provision of mining services and the construction of mine infrastructure at the Carmichael site – Adani Mining

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Byerwen Coal Project

* Byerwen coal project – ($1.7b) QCoal and JFE Steel are advancing this project to produce up to 10mtpa metallurgical coal. First coal is expected in 2016 - QCoal and JFE Steel


Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Bundi Coal Project

* Bundi coal project – ($800m) proposal for a longwall mine producing about 5mtpa thermal coal. Underground development is expected to commence within two years – Metro Coal


Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Belview Coal Project

* Belview coal project – ($869m) Stanmore Coal is targeting first coal production by 2018 at this high quality coking and PCI coal project. It proposes a single longwall operation costing approximately $869m to first coal. The company is undertaking further drilling and aims to commence a prefeasibility study in 2015 to revise the capital and operating parameters of the project – Stanmore Coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Baralaba North Expansion

* Baralaba North expansion– ($311m) - Cockatoo Coal recently began production from the Baralaba North expansion project at a rate of 1mtpa.  The approvals process is under way to further expand the project to 3.5mtpa - Cockatoo Coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Alpha North

* Alpha North – ($6b) proposed coal mine with an expected capacity of 40mtpa thermal coal – Waratah Coal

Coal Expansion & Development Projects - Alpha Coal Mine

* Alpha Coal Mine ($5.5b) - proposed open-cut mine to produce 32mtpa of high quality thermal coal. The project is the first in the Galilee Basin to have attained an Environmental Authority and is in the process of finalising all approvals ahead of executing coal off-take agreements and finalising financing arrangements before announcing a date for commencement of construction – GVK Hancock


Watershed Tungsten Project

* Watershed tungsten project – ($172m) Vital Metals has completed the definitive feasibility for this tungsten mine. The company is targeting to commence construction in 2015, with first ore production before the end of 2016 – Vital Metals/earn-in partner JOGMEC

Wallace South Gold Project

* Wallace South gold project - CopperChem plans to start construction for a new gold operation in 2016, with production to commence later that year -

South of Embley Project

* South of Embley project - ($1.45b) State and Commonwealth environmental impact assessment processes have been completed to extend Rio Tinto Alcan’s Weipa bauxite operations with this project. Rio Tinto is working through the feasibility study and is targeting first production in 2018  - Rio Tinto Alcan

Skardon River Bauxite

* Skardon River bauxiteplans for a 3mtpa bauxite mining operation to commence within two years. A JORC resource estimated at 71 million tonnes of high-grade trihydrate bauxite has been established and the proponent is in advanced stages of development to finalise a definitive feasibility study - Gulf Alumina

Rocklands Group Copper Project

* Rocklands Group copper project – ($300m-plus) work continues to bring this copper mining and processing operation into full commercial production. Stockpiles have reached about one million tonnes. Processing and smelting testwork has been carried out recently – CuDeco

Paradise Phosphate Project

* Paradise phosphate project ($1.77b) - the definitive feasibility study is complete for this project, owned by Legend International Holdings subsidiary Paradise Phosphate. The proposal involves phosphate mines and a Mount Isa-based fertiliser manufacturing complex. Start-up is subject to phosphate prices improving, but the company hopes to start construction within three years - Paradise Phosphate

Mount Garnet Tin Project

* Mount Garnet tin project – ($76m) a definitive feasibility study based on the use of the former Kagara Mount Garnet processing plant is being completed. Tin production planned from late 2015 - Consolidated Tin Mines

Merlin Molybdenum and Rhenium Mine

* Merlin molybdenum and rhenium mine – ($366m) an updated feasibility study for this molybdenum and rhenium project was completed in November. Almost 2700m of decline has been completed, with underground development 84m along strike of the upper ore body carried out in 2014 – Chinova Resources

Euroa Steel Plant Project

* Euroa Steel Plant Project  – ($5b) efforts were continuing in late 2014 to attract investors for the proposed construction of a semi-finished steel plant to produce 5mtpa of slabs and billets. The proponent has indicated a targeted construction start date of January 2016 – Boulder Steel

Dugald River Mine

* Dugald River mine- ($1b-plus) zinc-lead-silver project in development. Stoping trial results will determine the next step - MMG

Cloncurry copper project

* Cloncurry copper project – ($290m) Altona Mining proposes a copper-gold mine development after completing a definitive feasibility study on the Little Eva deposit within this project area. It is seeking a partnership arrangement and has been in negotiations with a number of parties. Proponent hopes to commence construction in 2016 – Altona Mining

Charters Towers gold project expansion

* Charters Towers gold project expansion - ($110m) expansion works planned  in stages for the underground Central high-grade reef mine after Citigold completes funding negotiations. Works to be implemented over a four-year period including decline ramp extension, in ore development, ventilation shaft, stoping, haulage, and process plant upgrade – Citigold Corporation Limited -

Bauxite Hills project

* Bauxite Hills project – ($80m) a prefeasibility study showed that Bauxite Hills could produce 5mtpa of export-grade bauxite over a life of up to 10 years. Proponent is focusing on this project after a government decision impacting its Pisolite Hills development and hopes to begin construction within two years – Cape Alumina (Metro Mining)

Barbara copper-gold joint venture project

* Barbara copper-gold joint venture projectconstruction is due to start in 2015 for an open-pit operation, with potential for subsequent underground mining. Syndicated Metals has entered a joint venture with CopperChem to develop this copper-gold project, with an expected output of about 20,000 tonnes of copper per annum. The joint venture partners are still determining whether the ore will be processed on site or at CopperChem’s existing Cloncurry facilities – CopperChem/Syndicated Metals

Agriculture - Etheridge Integrated Agricultural Project

* Etheridge Integrated Agricultural Project – ($2b) proposed development of  65,000ha of cropping land, 241,000ha of grazing land, lakes and channels, and a processing precinct. Definitive feasibility study and EIS process under way – Integrated Food and Energy Developments

Commercial / Redsidential - Southbank Townsville

Southbank Townsville – ($1b) the site has approval for more than 1200 residential dwellings plus associated commercial and retail development.  The project is in planning and approvals phase with site works expected to commence in 2015 – Devine Limited and Leighton Properties

Commercial/Residential - Shoal Point Waters Estate

Shoal Point Waters Estate – ($1.8b) a development of 1500 residential lots, with construction to be rolled out over 15 years. Stage One has been built - Pointglen Developments


Commercial/Residential - Riverstone Rise

Riverstone Rise – ($1b-plus) a development of 2900 homes, retail hub and services including a primary school.  Construction is ongoing, with work complete for the first 280 allotments – Devine


Commercial/Residential - Regatta Waters Whitsunday

* Regatta Waters Whitsunday – ($500m) this 2500-dwelling project, which will be rolled out over 15 years, includes a golf course, village precinct and extensive recreational facilities. Construction ongoing - Latitude Development Group

Commercial / Residential - QIC Grand Central Redevelopment

QIC Grand Central redevelopment – ($500m) redevelopment of Grand Central shopping precinct, doubling the size to about 90,000sq m and including a two-level retail galleria linking to the former Gardentown Shopping Centre. Construction commenced – QIC

Commercial / Residential - Plantation Palms

Plantation Palms – ($1.5b) residential development of 2000 lots with more than 50 per cent of the land set aside for public spaces and natural landscape. Development is ongoing - Xcel Properties


Commercial / Residential - Pinnacles satellite city development

Pinnacles satellite city development – ($2b) proposed master planned communitywith 5100-lot estate, a mixed-use town centre and various services. Development has been the subject of council opposition and legal action -

EJ Cooper and Sons

Commercial / Residential - North Shore Residential Community

North Shore Residential Community – ($1b) a 5380-lot residential community including schools, parks, an aquatic centre, town square and sub-regional Stockland shopping centre. Development is ongoing – Stockland

Commercial / Residential - Mount Peter residential development

Mount Peter residential development – ($500m) 2500-lot development with construction due to start mid to late 2015. The Mount Peter master planned area will eventually provide an estimated 18,500 homes – Satterley Property Group

Commercial / Residential - Greater Ascot residential development

* Greater Ascot residential development – ($500m) a development of 2600 home lots. Construction is ongoing - Parkside Development

Commercial / Residential - Ellida Residential Community

* Ellida Residential Community – ($598m) a planned 2282-lot residential community.  Stockland is negotiating the final stages of development application  approval with Rockhampton City Council.  Construction commencement date yet to be announced – Stockland

Commercial / Residential - CQU Rockhampton Priority Development Area

*CQU Rockhampton Priority Development Area - planned development of a mixed-use village with 2000- 2500 new homes constructed over 15 years. The State Government recently announced it would fund a new four-way signalised intersection in the first stage of the main street for the project.


Commercial / Residential - Cosgrove Estate

* Cosgrove estate - ($350m) residential development of 2700 lots, shopping centre, school and other services. Construction ongoing - Parkside Development

Commercial / Redisential - Aspial Central Park Development

Aspial Central Park Development – ($400m) plans to build a 1250-apartment complex with one commercial tower and six residential blocks. Construction of the first stage ($120m) to commence 2015 – Aspial Corporation

Tourism - Sheraton Mirage Resort redevelopment

Sheraton Mirage Resort redevelopment – ($250m) planned upgrade of resort rooms and facilities, golf course and country club. Construction starting 2015 - Fullshare Group

Tourism - Pacificus Tourism Project

* Pacificus Tourism Project, Hummock Hill Island – ($950m) proposal for construction of two hotels, a health spa, residential development and air strip. EIS process under way - Eaton Place

Tourism - Lindeman Island development

* Lindeman Island development – ($500m) proposed development to include a 5-star beachfront resort of about 110 rooms, two smaller eco-style resorts (30 -60 villas in each), other holiday/residential accommodation and a 50-berth marina. Proponent hopes to begin site works in 2016White Horse Australia

Tourism - Keppel Island redevelopment

* Keppel Island redevelopment – ($600m) proposed redevelopment of Great Keppel Island Resort, including demolition of the existing resort and its replacement with a substantial eco-tourism resort. Plans include a new 250-room beachfront hotel, 700 luxury villas, 300 luxury apartments, a 250 berth marina, premium retail village, day spa, Greg Norman-designed championship golf course, commercial airstrip, research centre and a 575ha environmental protection precinct. Development approvals received – GKI Resort (Tower Holdings)

Tourism - Ella Bay Integrated Resort

* Ella Bay Integrated Resort – ($1.8b) proposed development to include five resorts and apartments totalling 860 keys, 540 residences, a village precinct, golf course and swimming lagoon. State and federal approvals completed. The developer expects to start construction within two years – Satori Resorts Ella Bay

Chinatown development

* Chinatown development – ($300m) proposal includes a high-end hotel, short-term accommodation and up to 100 retail and dining offerings. The project’s development lease requires all planning and building approvals to be obtained by the end of 2015. Construction must be substantially commenced by mid-2016, and the project must be completed by the end of December 2018. Hutchinson Builders will be constructing the development - Whitsunday Chinatown Investment

Tourism - Capricorn Integrated Resort

* Capricorn Integrated Resort – ($600m) proposed development of a 1500ha resort including refurbishment of the existing Mercure Capricorn Resort and a new 300-room complex, a residential community of 8000 dwellings and an airstrip. EIS process under way – Iwasaki Sangyo Company


Tourism - Aquis Casino & Resort

Aquis Casino and Resort – ($8.15b) proposed development to include nine hotels, shopping, a casino, convention and leisure facilities. Queensland’s Co-ordinator General in December approved the project’s EIS. The proponent has flagged an opening date in 2018 – Aquis Casino

Health - Mackay Base Hospital Redevelopment


* Mackay Base Hospital redevelopment – ($413m) includes a new emergency department, outpatients department, delivery suites and special care nursery, intensive care unit and coronary care unit, day surgery and operating theatre suite, inpatient surgical and medical wards, renal support services, dental, allied health and mental health facilities. Under construction - Queensland Health

Health - Cairns Hospital redevelopment

Cairns Hospital redevelopment – ($507m) former Cairns Base Hospital is being redeveloped to expand medical services and provide an extra 168 beds. Under construction with completion expected 2015 - Queensland Health

Water - Gladstone to Fitzroy River Pipeline

Gladstone to Fitzroy River Pipeline – ($345m) Gladstone Area Water

Board is carrying out preparations to ensure that the pipeline and its associated infrastructure can be constructed within two years as soon as increased demand or low dam levels trigger the need. EIS completed and project approved - Gladstone Area Water


Water - Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project

Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project – proposal to develop infrastructure to capture and store water, by way of raising the existing Eden Bann Weir and constructing a new weir at Rookwood on the Fitzroy River. EIS being prepared - Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater

Water - Nathan Dam & Pipeline project

Nathan Dam and Pipeline Projectproposed water infrastructure to supply the Surat Basin resources industry and Dawson-Callide region. To consist of a 888,000 megalitre dam and 260km pipeline The EIS process is under way – SunWater

Rail - Wiggins Island Balloon Loop

* Wiggins Island Balloon Loop – ($200m) construction of a 13km rail balloon loop near Yarwun to enable unloading of coal for the new WICET port facility. Under construction – Aurizon

Rail - Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor

* Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor – ($200m) a proposed rail freight line which would connect the North Coast rail line directly into the Port of Townsville. Construction expected from 2017/18 – Qld Government

Rail - Rocklands to Stanwell duplication

* Rocklands to Stanwell Duplication – ($200m) duplicating 18km of track and construction of three rail bridges at Burnett Highway,

Four Mile Creek and Neerkol Creek. Under construction. (Part of the Wiggins Island Rail Project)  – Aurizon

Rail - North Coast Line

*North Coast Line - ($100m) triplication of 3.5km of the North Coast Line through Yarwun to connect to the Wiggins Island Balloon Loop, construction of 2.5km holding track at Aldoga and two holding tracks at Kabra. Construction expected from 2016/17 - Aurizon

Rail - Inland Rail

* Inland Rail – ($3b) the Australian Government has committed to building an inland railway between Melbourne and Brisbane via central-west NSW and Toowoomba. The project will require about 400km of track upgrades and 600km of new track. Pre-construction activities such as detailed corridor planning and environmental assessments have begun. Construction expected to run until 2020– Federal Government and private investors

Rail - Goonyella rail expansion project

* Goonyella Rail Expansion Project – ($130m) works under construction to lift coal haulage capacity from 129mtpa to 140mtpa on the Goonyella System - Aurizon

Rail - Galilee Basin coal rail infrastructure - GVK Hancock

* Galilee Basin coal rail infrastructure – GVK Hancock - ($3b-plus) Aurizon and GVK Hancock have an agreement to jointly progress the development of rail infrastructure linking the southern end of the Galilee Basin’s coal reserves including GVK Hancock’s proposed Alpha, Kevin’s Corner and Alpha West coal mines to Abbot Point coal port, about 500km away. These parties are in the process of finalising their proposed joint venture agreement - Aurizon and GVK Hancock

Rail - Galilee Basin coal rail infrastructure - Adani Mining

* Galilee Basin coal rail infrastructure – Adani Mining – ($2.9b) the State Government has signed an Infrastructure Enabling Agreement with Indian company Adani to build the rail infrastructure needed to link the Carmichael coal project to Abbot Point export facility. The proposed standard-gauge rail line is expected to take about two years to build and be able to transport 100 million tonnes of coal a year. POSCO E&C has been appointed as the Preferred EPC contractor for Adani’s North Galilee Basin Rail (NGBR) project. Construction to begin early 2015 – Adani Mining

Rail - Dingo to Bluff duplication

* Dingo to Bluff Duplication – ($175m) duplication of 24km of track between Dingo and Bluff. Under construction, with completion expected in 2015. (Part of the Wiggins Island Rail Project) - Aurizon

Rail - Charlton Interlink SQ

* Charlton Interlink SQ – ($160m) rail freight and industrial hub on a 200ha estate. Stage 1 construction planned to start in 2015 – Freight Terminals Pty Ltd

Rail - Carpentaria Rail project

* Carpentaria Rail project – ($1.5b) proposed rail line and port development hoped to attract public and private investment. The project would involve construction of a new deep water bulk minerals export port on the lower Gulf of Carpentaria with associated rail infrastructure connecting the North Western Minerals province. The proponent is finalising design and feasibility work to begin the formal approvals process in 2015, with a targeted construction start date in 2016/17 – MIEPCO

Roads - Yeppoon South Project

* Yeppoon South Project, Bruce Highway - ($296m) construction of a high-level flood access between the Burnett Highway and Yeppoon Roundabout, south of Rockhampton. Construction under way with completion expected 2016 - Qld and Federal governments


Roads - Warrego Highway Upgrade

* Warrego Highway upgrade , Toowoomba-Miles– ($635m) the ‘Warrego is go’ upgrade program comprises 15 projects being delivered between Toowoomba and Miles. The first stage is a $110 million project to extend the four-lane highway from Nugent Pinch Road to west of Charlton. EOIs have been called and construction is expected to commence in February/March 2015. Construction start dates for further stages include mid-2015, 2016 and 2017 - Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Toowoomba Range Second Crossing

*Toowoomba Range Second Crossing – ($1.6b) a bypass route to the north of Toowoomba, 41km in length, running from the Warrego Highway at Helidon in the east to the Gore Highway at Athol in the west, via Charlton. Construction expected to commence 2015/16 – Qld and Federal governments


Roads - Townsville Ring Road Stage 4

*Townsville Ring Road Stage 4 – ($200m) an 11.5km section crossing the Bohle Plains (Shaw Rd to Mount Low). Tenders were recently reissued for upgraded project scope, taking the motorway to four lanes, with construction to start in 2015 Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Mackay Ring Road Stage 1

*Mackay Ring Road Stage 1 – ($540m) design for Stage 1 will cover an 11.3km, two-lane rural highway bypass. Detailed design is scheduled to start in early 2015 and is expected to take at least two years to complete - Qld and Federal governments


Roads - Haughton River & Pink Lily Lagoon upgrade

* Haughton River and Pink Lily Lagoon upgrade, Bruce Highway – ($515m) construction of a new high level bridge at Haughton River and Pink Lily Lagoon, with a higher flood immunity road across a 14km floodplain, between south of Horseshoe Lagoon to Palm Creek. Detailed design to start 2016. Construction expected from 2018-19 – Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Eton Range, Peak Downs Highway

*Eton Range, Peak Downs Highway - ($170m) detailed design work is under way for the realignment of the Peak Downs Highway at Eton Range. Construction is expected to commence 2015/16 - Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Cattle Creek & Frances Creek upgrades

*Cattle Creek and Frances Creek upgrades, Bruce Highway  – ($174m) construction of a higher section of highway from Cattle Creek to Toobanna, including a new 160m-long bridge over Cattle Creek, as well as surrounding road upgrades. Construction planned from 2017 Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Cape York regional package

* Cape York Regional Package – ($260.5m) a range of transport and community infrastructure projects including weather-proofing of the Peninsula Development Rd – Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Bruce Highway upgrade project

*Bruce Highway Upgrade Project, Vantassel to Cluden – ($138m) four-lane highway between Vantassel St and Stuart Drive, Cluden. Under construction with completion forecast in mid-2015 – Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Bruce Highway safety package

*Bruce Highway safety package, Brisbane to Cairns Corridor – ($400m), planned upgrades for high-risk locations with measures such as line markings, safety barriers, intersection improvement and rest areas to start early 2015 – Qld and Federal governments

Roads - Bruce Highway Overtaking Lanes

*Bruce Highway overtaking lanes, Brisbane to Cairns Corridor – ($275m) construction of new overtaking lanes to commence 2015 and run to 2022 – Federal Government

Ports - Yarwun Export Terminal

* Yarwun export terminal – ($2.2b) proposal to build a terminal with capacity of up to 50mtpa for coal and other goods. The project is expected to enter the design and construct phase between mid-2015 and 2018 - Tenement to Terminal (3TL)


Ports - Townsville Port Expansion Project

* Townsville Port Expansion Project - ($1.5b) planned expansion to accommodate the forecast trebling of trade volume over a planning horizon to 2040.  Proposed features include a new deepwater outer harbour, six additional berths, deepening and widening of existing approach channels and reclamation of 100ha of existing harbour for new berths, bulk cargo storage and a rail loop. A supplementary Environmental Impact Study document is expected to be submitted to the relevant authorities in early 2015 Port of Townsville

Ports - Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Stage 1

* Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Stage 1 – ($2.6b) new shipping terminal with 27mtpa capacity. Commissioning for this project began in late 2014, with first coal expected to be loaded in early 2015. The terminal is to be built in stages to match demand and is expected to have a capacity of up to 80mtpa when fully commissioned - Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal

Ports - Hay Point expansion

* Hay Point expansion - ($3b) construction is well advanced on the Stage 3 expansion to increase capacity from 44mtpa to 55mtpa and reduce storm vulnerability at this BMA facility. The expanded terminal is expected to be fully operational in 2015 - BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance

Ports - Fitzroy Terminal Project

* Fitzroy Terminal Project – ($1.2b) proposal to construct a coal export

facility adjacent to Port Alma with export capacity of 22mtpa - Mitchell Group Holdings

Ports - Cairns Shipping Development Project

* Cairns Shipping Development Project –  proposed expansion of the Port of Cairns shipping channel in Trinity Inlet and wharf infrastructure upgrade to accommodate larger cruise ships. The EIS for the project is before the Queensland Co-ordinator General – Ports North

Ports - Abbott Point - GVK Hancock

* Abbot Point expansion – GVK Hancock ($1.7b) - a proposed joint venture between Aurizon and GVK Hancock includes the development of Terminal Three (T3) at the existing Abbot Point coal port. The project includes construction of a jetty and wharf facilities and associated fast in-loading and out-loading infrastructure including associated capacity for up to two million tonnes of coal stockpile and a nominal capacity of about 60mtpa. The project has all relevant approvals. It is further assessing the potential for the onshore relocation of dredged material - Aurizon and GVK Hancock

Airports - Mackay Airport Precinct Development

* Mackay airport precinct development – ($900m) proposed staged development over 20 years – Phase 1, a $30m hotel complex, opens mid-2015 - North Queensland Airports Group

Airports - Cairns Airport Redevelopment

* Cairns airport redevelopment – ($1b) proposed staged development over 20 years; in design phase; EOIs open early 2015 – North Queensland Airports Group

Airports - Brisbane-West Wellcamp Airport & Business Centre

* Brisbane-West Wellcamp Airport and Business Park– ($300m) new airport able to accommodate jets as large as the Boeing 747 and a business park under development. Air services began late 2014 – Wagners

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