Mount Isa Mines EBA Passes

Posted March 16, 2015

Workers employed at Mount Isa Mines have narrowly voted in favour of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

The four-year EBA now incorporates the four sites on the lease including open cut mining at Blackstar, the underground copper operations and the processing facilities.

Separate awards covered the individual sites until this point said Australia Workers Union Northern District Secretary, Rod Stockham.

The move allowed unfettered transfer between the sites and was significant in the lead up to 2020 when the underground operation, R-62, and the copper smelter were scheduled to close, Mr Stockham said.

The vote of 778 for, 701 against reflected concern over wage increases and a new system of Individual Performance Agreements which sat outside the EBA and therefore offer limited capacity to appeal under the Fair Work Act, said Mr Stockham.

Glencore Mount Isa Mines was tying wage increases into a number of variables including market conditions and have offered a point-five per cent increase in the first year he said.

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