Mount Isa resilience part 4 - a hardened supply sector

Posted January 3, 2016


(Pic_MINEX - the Mount Isa Mining Expo)

In part four of this week’s series on why Mount Isa will weather the current downturn and prosper we look at the resilience of the supply chain. Brett Peterson is not only Deputy Mayor of Mount Isa, he is also a business man and second generation local. Here’s his take on how the local supply chain is responding to the downturn.

Cr Brett Peterson said the local business community would forge ahead despite recent setbacks in the resources industry and that the mining centre was better placed than many to ride out downswings as it was not dependent on a single commodity.

“While I know hard decisions have to be made in the mining industry, Mount Isa has always been a very resilient community and the community steps up to the plate,” he said.

“There is still more exploration going on and, being part of the world’s richest minerals province, obviously there’s a lot more to be tapped into.”

North-west Queensland businesses affected by the downturn were sticking it out, he said, noting that the impact had been greater on Townsville as a service hub.

“It’s tight and everybody has said they are working as hard but for a smaller return - but the business community is prepared to do that,” Cr Peterson said.

“We will all work with each other and we do that very well.”

Ms Wicks noted that confirmation of the NEGI project had given the local business community a stronger sense of the future.

“Jemena have told us they are keen to employ locally and engage local contractors where possible,” she said.

She said the NEGI announcement and Glencore’s decision to operate the local copper smelter beyond 2016 had contributed to a positive vibe in the city.

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