Movement South of Embley

Posted September 30, 2015


There are signs of life in the South of Embley Project on Cape York.

South of Embley is a greenfield bauxite operation in the Weipa / Aurukun region of Western Cape York.

The new development will eventually replace the existing East Weipa mine centre and develop the high quality bauxite reserves available south of the Weipa Peninsula. The Project involves the staged increase in production of up to 50 million dry product tonnes per annum (mdptpa).

Rio Tinto has currently approved the completion of a detailed feasibility study that will inform a final investment decision.

The following scopes of works have been published on the ICN Gateway at:

RTA_SoE_001 Construction Survey
RTA_SoE_002 Emergency Services
RTA_SoE_003 Sewage Treatment Plant
RTA_SoE_004 Vehicle Wash Facilities
RTA_SoE_005 Process Slurry Pumps
RTA_SoE_006 Conveyor Gearboxes and Drives
RTA_SoE_007 Manual Valves
RTA_SoE_008 HPPE Pipe and Fittings
RTA_SoE_009 Site Communications
RTA_SoE_010 Village Operations and Maintenance
RTA_SoE_011 Ferry and Vessel Hire
RTA_SoE_012 Bussing Hire and Operation
RTA_SoE_013 Concrete Supply and Testing
RTA_SoE_014 AC Motor Control Centres
RTA_SoE_015 CCTV and Security
RTA_SoE_016 LLV Variable Speed Drives
RTA_SoE_017 Diesel Fuel Storage Distribution and Dispensing

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