Mt Isa to the core

Posted January 19, 2015


Brett Peterson

Mount Isa Deputy Mayor Brett Peterson is a copper man.

From the age of 19 and his first day working hand to shovel underground with Mount Isa mines he was grabbed by the industry Brett Peterson said.

Mr Peterson was born and bred in ‘the Isa’ and he said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“For me Mount Isa is home, I fly home for a weekend if I’m away. I love the place to bits,” he said.

“I went underground at 19 which was a soon as I could go under. I fell in love with the industry and the mates I’ve made in this industry are my mates for life.”

Mr Peterson spent ten and a half years working underground before he branched off into the ventilation industry repairing ducting for mines.

That led to the establishment of Mount Isa Mining Supplies in 2003 which now supplies some of the largest mining companies in Australia with ventilation ducting.

At the top of his agenda within both of his current positions is developing and servicing Mount Isa as the world’s richest mineral province, Mr Peterson said.

“What we need to do is look at how to service that mineral province as a business community. People need to realise what they have on their doorstep and what’s here for them,” he said.

“With the province that surrounds us, there will be new mines that open and we have to be able to service them. We still service the old ones too, don’t get me wrong but the new mines are the future. I see Mount Isa Mining supplies as being a part of that too.”

Mr Peterson has seen many new mines and projects commence over the years. One of those key projects was Cannington mine.

“Cannington mine, was only about 100m long when I first went there, there was six or seven dongas out there and a few shipping containers,” he said.

“To actually see it develop from a hole in the ground to what it is today is incredible.”

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