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Posted March 16, 2016

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Employment and Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace at the recent launch of the Formwork Code of Practice at the Abian Botanic Gardens development site in Brisbane.

Workers dealing with formwork on Queensland construction sites will be operating under a revised Formwork Code of Practice from March 31.

Employment and Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the remade code provided the construction industry with practical guidance on how to manage safety risks associated with formwork.

“The Palaszczuk Government is absolutely committed to creating safer workplaces so workers can come home safely to their families,” Ms Grace said.

“Formwork in construction can lead to risky situations and has generated 954 accepted workers’ compensation claims in Queensland and 240 serious safety incidents over just five years.

“The new code provides up-to-date and best-practice guidance on how to manage safety risks with this type of work.

“It’s fully supported by industry and was developed by a steering committee comprising of employer and worker representatives.”

Ms Grace said the remade code delivered on an election commitment to reinstate the role codes of practice played in preventing workplace injuries.

“In the last two years alone there have been 12 known formwork deck collapses because of insufficient propping and the use of rotten building products.

“Formwork structural failures are also costly in financial terms, and currently estimated to cost over $1 million for a single incident.”

Ms Grace said under the remade code of practice, imported material must be certified and conform to Australian Standards.

“The code also introduces a new risk-based approach to formwork design, along with certification and inspection requirements so that height and volume are key factors for determining when an engineer’s sign-off is required,” she said.

The Formwork Code of Practice 2016 will apply to all new construction work from March 31.

Information sessions are being held across Queensland from this week to explain the changes to formwork contractors, particularly the practical application of the new guidelines on construction sites.

To download a copy of the new code of practice visit

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