NQ Projects Map


Osborne | production resumedearly 2012 at this copper-goldoperation. Ivanhoe Australia is mining the Osborne, KulthorandStarra 276 deposits. Pybar Mining Services is the mining contractor for the combinedoperations. | www.ivanhoeaustralia.com |

Skardon River

Port of Skardon River | Skardon River was declared a port in 2002 to export kaolin, however the associated kaolin mine closed in 2010. The barge ramp and facility could be reactivated by future mining interests. | www.cairnsport.com.au |

Lagoon Creek

Westmoreland (Lagoon Creek) | Laramide Resources proposes a $200m-plus uranium mine
development. | www.laramide.com | A11

Power - Galilee Power Project

Galilee power project - ($1.25b)  proposed development of an integrated gasification combined cycle plant, with a capacity of 450MW and potential to upgrade to 900MW, in conjunction with Waratah Coal’s  Galilee Basin coal projects. The proposal is being considered by the State and Federal governments – Waratah Coal


Townsville Hospital redevelopment

* Townsville Hospital redevelopment – ($439m) includes already completed upgraded emergency department and new neo-natal intensive care unit. Still under construction operating theatres, clinical support and services building, central energy facility, expansion of pathology, cancer care centre and a new planned procedures centre – Queensland Health


Port Operations | Port of Weipa

Port of Weipa | bauxite from the nearby Rio Tinto Alcan mine is a prime export at this facility. The facilities are operated by Rio Tinto Alcan under North Queensland Bulk Ports authority. | www.nqbp.com.au | F3




Port Operations | Port of Townsville

Port of Townsville| the major import and export gateway for northern Australia, servicing vast agricultural and mining sectors and regional population centres. Port of Townsville Limited is moving through the Environmental Impact Statement process for the construction of a new deep water outer harbour and six additional vessel berths under a $1.3b  expansion project. The corporation also recently completed an $85m upgrade of Wharf 10. As part of a jointly funded $86m project, Glencore Port Operations will relocate to the upgraded Berth 8 in mid-2014. | www.glencorexstrata.com |www.townsville-port.com.au | M13


Port Operations | Port of Skardon River

Port of Skardon River | Skardon River was declared a port in 2002 to export kaolin, however the associated kaolin mine closed in 2010. The barge ramp and facility could be reactivated by future mining interests. |www.cairnsport.com.au| F2


Port Operations | Port of Karumba

Port of Karumba | zinc and lead concentrates from MMG Century mine are transported in slurry form via a 304km pipeline to the company’s dewatering and port facility at Karumba for export. | www.mmg.com | D10


Port Operations | Port of Cape Flattery

Port of Cape Flattery | Ports North owns and manages the wharf that functions as the ship loading facility for Cape Flattery Silica Mines operations, exporting about 1.75-2mtpa of silica sand. |www.cairnsport.com.au|K7

Port Operations | Port of Cairns

Port Operations | Port of Cairns

Port of Cape Flattery | Ports North owns and manages the wharf that functions as the ship loading facility for Cape Flattery Silica Mines operations, exporting about 1.75-2mtpa of silica sand. |www.cairnsport.com.au|K7

Coal/Gas/Oil Project | Wongai

Wongai | this Aust-Pac Capital proposal for a $500m underground

coking coal mine has been declared a significant project by the Queensland Co-ordinator-General. | www.wongaiproject.com.au


Coal/Gas/Oil Project | Lawn Hill

Lawn Hill/Riversleigh shale gas  | Armour Energy has entered an agreement with the APA Group to transport up to 330 petajoules of gas per annum from Armour’s northern Australian gas projects to Mount Isa, Sydney and various markets in Queensland. Armour is targeting 2016 for the delivery of first gas from its North Queensland project area into the proposed NORGAS infrastructure. | www.armourenergy.com.au | B11

Coal/Gas/Oil Project | Julia Creek Oil Shale

Julia Creek oil shale | Global Oil Shale Group in 2013 entered an agreement to progress Xtract Energy’s oil shale tenements at Julia Creek. |http://globaloilshale.com / F15

Coal/Gas/Oil Project | Hughenden Coal Project

Hughenden coal project | Guildford Coal project with a potential start-up production rate of 2-4mtpa thermal coal. |www.guildfordcoal.com.au

Coal/Gas/Oil Projects | Clyde Park

Clyde Park (formerly White Mountain) | majority stakeholder Guildford Coal lodged a mining lease application in December 2012 for a combination open-cut and longwall underground thermal coal mining operation. | www.guildfordcoal.com.au

Advanced Mineral Projects | Woolgar

Woolgar | Strategic Minerals is continuing work on this gold project.|www.stratmin.com.au | H14


Advanced Mineral Project | White Range

White Range | a feasibility study is under way for this Queensland Mining Corporation copper-cobalt project. | www.queenslandminingcorporation.com.au | D16

Advanced Mineral Project | Westmoreland (Lagoon Creek)

Westmoreland (Lagoon Creek) | Laramide Resources proposes a $200m-plus uranium mine development. The company expects to begin a prefeasibility study in 2014, or as the market permits.| www.laramide.com | A11

Advanced Mineral Project | Wallace South

Wallace South | CopperChem/Exco Resources have a prefeasibility study under way for a new gold operation.| www.excoresources.com.au|

Advanced Mineral Project | Valhalla/Skal

Valhalla/Skal | Paladin Energy and subsidiary Summit Resources are continuing work to build resources at this advanced uranium exploration project. | www.paladinenergy.com.au | C15

Advanced Mineral Project | Twin Hills

Twin Hills | currently on care and maintenance, owner Evolution Mining views this gold project as a potential standalone operation.| www.evolutionmining.com.au | M17


Advanced Mineral Project | Skardon River Bauxite

Skardon River bauxite | Gulf Alumina aims to begin mining in 2015, with an expected initial output of 3mtpa of bauxite. The company announced in January that the Native Title agreement for the project had been signed. |www.gulfalumina.com.au | F2


Advanced Mineral Project | SCONI Tri-metal Project

SCONI tri-metal project| Metallica Minerals has deferred definitive feasibility work for this proposed nickel-cobalt-scandium mining and processing operation, seeking project funding/partnership and extra offtake commitments.. | www.metallicaminerals.com.au | J12

Advanced Mineral Project | Roseby

Roseby | Altona Mining proposes a $320m open-pit copper-gold mine development after completing a definitive feasibility study on the Little Eva deposit within this project area. | www.altonamining.com | C14


Advanced Mineral Project | Rocklands

Rocklands | construction is under way at CuDeco’s $250m Rocklands Group copper project. The company plans to begin commercial production in the second half of 2014.  | www.cudeco.com.au | D15

Advanced Mineral Project | Pisolite Hills

Pisolite Hills | Cape Alumina has suspended work on this bauxite project as a result of the Queensland Government’s move to ban mining over the Bertiehaugh Cattle Station and the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, which cover part of the relevant tenements. | www.capealumina.com.au | G3

Advanced Mineral Project | Paradise Phosphate

Paradise phosphate | the definitive feasibility study is complete for this project, owned by Legend International Holdings subsidiary Paradise Phosphate. The proposal involves phosphate mines and a Mount Isa-based fertiliser manufacturing complex to be developed at a cost of up to $1.77b. | http://paradisephosphate.com.au/ | B14 / C16

Advanced Mineral Project | Mungana & Red Dome Gold

Mungana and Red Dome gold projects | Mungana Gold Mines is seeking to develop these projects along with polymetallic deposits to be acquired through an agreement with former shareholder Kagara (in liquidation). | www.munganagoldmines.com.au | I10


Advanced Mineral Project | Mt Oxide

Mt Oxide | Chinese company Zhongjin Lingnan recently took over Perilya, which has been reviewing options for the redevelopment of this former copper operation.| www.perilya.com.au | C15

Advanced Mineral Project | Mt Garnet Tin Project

Mount Garnet tin project | Consolidated Tin Mines has completed a prefeasibility study for a new tin operation utilising an existing concentrator at Mount Garnet. | www.consolidatedtinmines.com.au | J11

Advanced Mineral Project | Mt Freda / Mt Norma / Gilded Rose

Mt Freda/Mt Norma/Gilded Rose gold projects | Queensland Mining Corporation controls a cluster of gold tenements in this area, including established processing plants.  | www.queenslandminingcorporation.com.au | D15

Advanced Mineral Project | Mt Elliott / SWAN

Mt Elliott/SWAN | Chinova Resources is carrying out further drilling to add value to this advanced copper-gold project. | www.inovaresources.com | D16

Advanced Mineral Project | Mt Coolon

Mt Coolon |Drummond Gold has substantial gold resources at the historic gold mining centre of Mt Coolon. | www.drummondgold.com.au |

Advanced Mineral Project | Merlin

Merlin | Chinova Resources (formerly Inova Resources) is carrying out further metallurgical work and commercial research under a “value engineering program’’ for this $345m molybdenum and rhenium project. | www.inovaresources.com| D16


Advanced Mineral Project | Mary Kathleen

Mary Kathleen | the State Government is assessing potential for a rare earths development at this former uranium mine. | https://mines.industry.qld.gov.au/


Advanced Mineral Project | Lucky Break

Lucky Break | a Metals Finance subsidiary has signed an option agreement to acquire this nickel laterite project from Metallica Minerals. A definitive feasibility study has been completed.  | www.metalsfinance.com | K14

Advanced Mineral Project | Lorena

Lorena | BCD Resources and Malachite Resources expect to begin processing mined ore at this gold project by mid-2014. Concentrate from Lorena will be transported to BCD’s processing facility at Beaconsfield in Tasmania for production of gold doré. Processing equipment has been delivered to site as construction gets under way.| www.malachite.com.au www.bcdresources.com.au | D15


Advanced Mineral Project | Liontown,Waterloo,Orient & West 45

Liontown, Waterloo, Orient and West 45 deposits | subject of sale proceedings, with owner Kagara in liquidation.| www.kagara.com.au | L15


Advanced Mineral Project | Leichardt Copper Operations

Leichhardt copper operations | Malaco Mining purchased this asset from Cape Lambert Resources in 2013 for about $15 million. Incorporating the Mt Watson open pit and a heap leach SX-EW facility; the operation had been on care and maintenance since former operator Matrix Metals went into receivership. | C14


Advanced Mineral Project |Korella

Korella | Krucible Metals recently sold this phosphate and rare earth project, with granted mining lease, to Daton Group Australia |www.kruciblemetals.com.au | C17


Advanced Mineral Project | Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rat| CopperChem/Exco Resources have a feasibility study under way for a new copper mine.| www.excoresources.com.au|


Advanced Mineral Project | Kalman

Kalman | Syndicated Metals has withdrawn from a joint venture with Cerro Resources (acquired by Primero Mining) to advance this molybdenum-rhenium-copper-gold project.| www.primeromining.com |


Advanced Mineral Project | Hodgkinson Basin Gold Projects

Hodgkinson Basin Gold Projects | Republic Gold sold its assets in this area, including the Northcote and Tregoora projects, to Territory Minerals in late 2011. | J9 / J10

Advanced Mineral Project | Forsayth Gold

Forsayth Gold | Altius Mining is reassessing its strategy for this gold project, which includes the Ropewalk and Flying Cow deposits.| www.altiusmining.com.au|

Advanced Mineral Project | Elaine / Mt Dorothy prospects

Elaine/Mt Dorothy prospects | China Yunnan Copper and Goldsearch are continuing drilling on these rare earth, copper, gold and cobalt prospects under the Mary Kathleen joint venture. |www.cycal.com.au | C15

Advanced Mineral Project | Einasleigh Project

Einasleigh project| this copper and zinc-lead project is among a raft of former Kagara assets purchased by Snow Peak Mining.| www.consolidatedtinmines.com.au | I12

Advanced Mineral Project | Dugald River

Dugald River | MMG is undertaking a $57m trial stoping program at this zinc development project during 2014 to optimise underground mine design. | www.mmg.com | C14

Advanced Mineral Project | Collingwood

Collingwood | owners Metals X placed this tin mine on care and maintenance in 2008. | www.metalsx.com.au | K8

Advanced Mineral Project | Cape York Mineral Sands

Cape York Mineral Sands (Urquhart Point) | Metallica Minerals subsidiary Oresome Australia is targeting concentrate production in 2014 at this high-grade rutile-zircon project.|www.oresome.com.au | F3

Advanced Mineral Project | Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond | project owner Mega Uranium is undertaking prefeasibility studies for uranium and molybdenum mining. | www.megauranium.com|L13



Advanced Mineral Projects | Bauxite Hills

Bauxite Hills | Cape Alumina completed a prefeasibility study in late 2012 which showed that Bauxite Hills could produce 5mtpa of export-grade bauxite over a life of up to 10 years. It is focusing on this project after a government decision impacting its Pisolite Hills development.| www.capealumina.com.au | F2

Advanced Mineral Project | Barbara

Barbara | Syndicated Metals and CopperChem are undertaking a feasibility study to develop this copper-gold project. |www.syndicatedmetals.com.au  www.copperchem.com.au | C14

Advanced Mineral Project | Aurukun Bauxite

Aurukun Bauxite | Australian Indigenous Resources (AIR) and Glencore International have submitted proposals to the Queensland Government to develop this deposit. | https://mines.industry.qld.gov.au/ | F4

Advanced Mineral Project | Agate Creek

Agate Creek | Laneway Resources (formerly Renison Consolidated Mines) is undertaking a feasibility study to develop a gold mining operation. | www.lanewayresources.com.au | H13

Wolfram Camp

Wolfram Camp | Deutsche Rohstoff subsidiary Wolfram Camp Mining produces tungsten and molybdenum concentrates here. It has identified open-pit and underground extensions to the current resource model at Wolfram Camp and nearby Bamford Hill, which extend the life of the project beyond 10 years.| www.rohstoff.de | J10

Weipa Bauxite Operations

Weipa bauxite operations | bauxite mined here is shipped to the Yarwun and Queensland Alumina Limited refineries in Gladstone as well as to overseas customers.  Rio Tinto Alcan is considering the South of Embley Project to extend mining within the existing bauxite lease. State and Commonwealth environmental impact assessment processes have been completed.| www.riotintoalcan.com | F3

Townsville Copper Refinery

Townsville Copper Refinery | operations at this Glencore plant, with the capacity to produce 300,000tpa of copper cathode, are to be phased out by 2016. | www.glencorexstrata.com| M13

The Palmer Nickel & Cobalt Refinery

The Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery | wholly owned by Clive Palmer, the Yabulu plant (Queensland Nickel) processes nickel and cobalt-bearing laterite ores purchased from third party mines in New Caledonia, Indonesia and the Philippines. | www.qni.com.au | M13


Thalanga Operation

Thalanga | these former Kagara operations include a treatment facility capable of treating polymetallic and copper ore. The company is in liquidation and the plant has been placed on care and maintenance. It is being offered for sale.| www.kagara.com.au | K15

Tartana Mine

Tartana | owned by Solomons Mines, this open-cut mining site produces copper sulphate crystals from copper ore. |I10

Ravenswood Gold Operations

Ravenswood gold operations | Resolute Mining has completed a definitive feasibility study for its Sarsfield expansion project. Optimisation work is under way. The company’s current operation is based on ore sourced from its Mt Wright underground mine for processing at the Ravenswood site. | www.rml.com.au | M14

Phosphate Hill Operation

Phosphate Hill | Incitec Pivot mines phosphate rock and manufactures about 975,000tpa of fertiliser at this site, with Golding Contractors acting as mining contractors for the operation. | www.incitecpivot.com.au | C17

Pajingo Mine

Pajingo | this goldfield has produced more than 2.6 million ounces since 1996. Ore from this Evolution Mining gold operation is currently mined from underground and processed on site to produce a gold-silver doré. | www.evolutionmining.com.au | L15



Osborne Mine

Osborne | Chinova Resources is mining the Osborne, Kulthor and Starra 276 copper-gold deposits, delivering ore to the Osborne processing centre and producing copper-gold concentrate. The company was recently taken over by Shanxi Donghui Coal Coking and Chemicals Group.| www.inovaresources.com | D17

Munganna Polymetallic Mine

Mungana Polymetallic Mine | Kagara placed this underground mine on care and maintenance in early 2012 and later entered voluntary administration. Mungana Goldmines recently entered a heads of agreement to buy this and other Kagara assets in the Chillago area including the King Vol zinc deposit.| www.kagara.com.au | I10

Mt Moss Mine

Mt Moss | Mt Moss Mining produces iron products including lump iron and intermediate iron ore. | www.mtmoss.com | K13

Mt Margaret Operation

Mt Margaret | this GlencoreXstrata copper operation was placed on care and maintenance in 2013.| www.glencorexstrata.com | D15

Mount Isa Mines

Mount Isa Mines | over its 90-year history Mount Isa Mines has grown to become Australia’s largest industrial complex, operating two separate mining and processing streams - copper and zinc-lead-silver. The site’s copper operations include two underground copper mines, an on-site concentrator and copper smelter. Mount Isa Mines also hosts the world’s largest zinc resource base, including the underground George Fisher zinc-lead mine, two open pit zinc-lead mines, a concentrator and lead smelter. A $274m project to expand the capacity of George Fisher from 3.5mpta to 4.5mtpa is well advanced, with completion of the project due in mid-2014. | www.mountisamines.com.au| B15

Mount Isa Acid Plant

Mount Isa acid plant | Incitec Pivot produces about one million tonnes of sulphuric acid here each year. | www.incitecpivot.com.au | C15


Mt Gordon Operation

Mt Gordon | this Aditya Birla-owned copper operation has been under care and maintenance since April 2013 as the company continues studies to optimise operations, including through a potential shift to a sublevel cave mining method. | www.adityabirlaminerals.com.au | C14

Mount Garnet Processing Plants & Mine

Mount Garnet Processing Plants and Mine| Snow Peak Mining recently purchased these assets from former operator Kagara and is refurbishing the plant to resume concentrate production.|www.consolidatedtinmines.com.au| | J11

Mt Colin Mine

Mt Colin | CopperChem/Exco Resources began open-cut operations in November 2013 at this greenfields copper project, with an expected mining rate of 400,000 tonnes of ore per annum.| www.excoresources.com.au|

Mt Carlton Mine

Mt Carlton | this Evolution Mining gold-silver-copper operation  commenced commercial production in mid-2013. | www.evolutionmining.com.au

Mount Carbine Operation

Mount Carbine | Carbine Tungsten began recovering high-grade tungsten concentrate from its tailings retreatment plant in 2012. It plans to bring an open-cut mine back into production in 2014 and has secured an offtake partner.| www.carbinetungsten.com.au | J9

Leichardt Copper Operations

Leichardt Copper Operations | Private Malaysian company Malaco purchased this asset from Cape Lambert Resources in 2013 for about $15 million. It has starts producing copper cathode from stockpiled ore and plans to recommence mining at the Mt Watson open pit by mid-year. | C15

Lighthouse Quartz Mine

Lighthouse quartz | Solar Silicon Resources Group produces silica quartz here for production of silicon metal and high purity crucible-grade sand. The company plans to construct a 10,000 tonne-per-annum high purity quartz production facility in Melbourne for processing. |www.ssrg.com.sg

Lady Loretta Mine

Lady Loretta | Glencore’s $362m zinc-lead-silver underground mine began production ahead of schedule in September 2012 and stope mining commenced in mid-2013. A project to expand production to 1.6mtpa of ore is under way and it is expected to reach this rate by 2016.| www.mountisamines.com.au | C15

Lady Annie Mine

Lady Annie | CST Minerals restarted copper cathode production at this former CopperCo site in 2010. The company is mining ore from the Flying Horseshoe and Lady Annie pits and carrying out optimisation work for planned mining at the Anthill project. | www.cstmining.com | B15


Great Australia Mine

Great Australia | CopperChem purchased this site in 2009. It is mining from three pits here and has upgraded the related hydrometallurgical and copper concentrator production facilities. The operation produces copper sulphate crystal and copper concentrate.| www.copperchem.com.au | D15

Georgetown Gold Mine

Georgetown Gold | Deutsche Rohstoff Australia sold this project, including a gold processing plant, to Brisbane-based JKO Mining for $16m in late 2012. The new owners have brought the site back into production and are focused on establishing a multimillion-ounce resource. | H12

Ernest Henry Mine

Ernest Henry Mining | a $589m transition from open-pit to underground mining is well advanced, extending the life of mine by 12 years to at least 2024. Production is set to ramp up to 6mtpa of copper ore following commissioning of the underground shaft in mid-2014. | www.ernesthenrymining.com.au | D15

Eloise Mine

Eloise | owned and operated by FMR Investments, this underground copper-gold mine has been operating since reopening in early 2011.| www.fmrinvestments.com.au | E15


Charters Towers Gold Mine

Charters Towers gold | Citigold announced a $100m funding agreement with Express-Link Management in 2013 and related expansion of its operations to be implemented over a five-year period. Expansion works have commenced. | www.citigold.com | L14

Century Mine

Century | owned and operated by MMG, this zinc operation is in a transitionary period as the company prepares for the end of open-pit production in 2015 while continuing to investigate options to further utilise MMG infrastructure in the Gulf. | www.mmg.com | A12

Cape Flattery Sand Mining

Cape Flattery sand mining | Cape Flattery Silica Mines is the world’s largest silica sand producer. | www.cfsm.com.au | K7

Cannington Mine

Cannington |this BHP Billiton-owned silver-lead-zinc mine produces up to three million tonnes a year of ore, which is processed on site to produce about 500,000 tonnes of concentrate. Studies continue for a proposed life extension project to take mine operations out to 2023. | www.bhpbilliton.com | D17

Balcooma / Surveyor Mines

Balcooma/Surveyor | Snow Peak Mining recently purchased these copper mines from former operator Kagara. It has recommenced mining at the Surveyor underground deposit.|www.consolidatedtinmines.com.au| J13

Baal Gammon Mine

Baal Gammon | Snow Peak Mining recently purchased this copper-gold mine along with other assets formerly operated by Kagara, which is in liquidation. The assets are being managed by Consolidated Tin Mines, which holds a 10 per cent stake in Snow Peak Mining. The company has been removing water from the pit to recommence mining.|www.consolidatedtinmines.com.au| K10

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