Powerlink plans $20m upgrade at CQ substation

Posted April 19, 2016

Calvale Substation

Powerlink plans a $20 million overhaul of systems and equipment at its Calvale substation, near Biloela - a vital part of the high-voltage network transporting power from Callide Power Station to other parts of the state.

Powerlink chief executive Merryn York said this major investment would ensure continued system security and reliability to the Gladstone industrial hub and the wider Central Queensland area.

Ms York said the work would extend the life of the existing Calvale substation to around 2033 and would also improve the ability to respond to network issues.

“The focus of the work will be on replacing the systems which allow us to manage our network in this region remotely,” Ms York said.

“These systems are critical to monitoring and operating our assets if a fault occurs and responding to any issues in a timely manner.”

Works have been scheduled to align with maintenance work at the Callide Power Station to ensure there are no supply impacts to consumers or customers directly connected to the transmission network.

The project runs over four years from this month, with the initial design phase expected to continue until early 2017.

On-ground work is due to commence from March next year and commissioning is due in mid-2021.


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