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Posted December 14, 2015

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The Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU) at James Cook University has released the current short courses in professional development offer for 2016.

Registration for these courses is open. A brochure is available and more information can be found on the (EGRU) - JCU Australia website

In February:

1.Business and Financial Management for the Minerals Industry
Course Leaders: Dr’s Andrew White and Nick Franey
2. Understanding of, and exploration for, epithermal and porphyry deposits: transitions and variations
Course Leader: Prof. Jeffrey Hedenquist

In March:

IOCG and Other Mineral Systems in the World-Class Cloncurry District: New Advances in Exploration and Deposit Understanding
Workshop Convenors: A/Prof. Zhaoshan Chang and Dr Richard Lilly

In April:

Integrated Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing of Exploration Targets
Course Leaders: A/Prof.’s John Carranza and Zhaoshan Chang

Judy Botting
EGRU Administration (office closed 21st Dec to 2nd January)
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James Cook University, Townsville, QLD, 4814, Australia
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