SQ Projects Map

37 | LNG Project |Santos GLNG

Santos GLNG | construction is under way on this $US18.5b project, with first LNG cargoes scheduled for export in 2015. The project includes the development of coal seam gas fields in the Bowen and Surat basins, construction of a 420km underground gas transmission pipeline, and a two-train LNG facility on Curtis Island, Gladstone. The Santos GLNG project is a joint venture between Santos, PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS. Major contractors include Fluor Australia, Saipem Australia and Bechtel Australia. www.santosglng.com.au | P1/O1/L4

77 | Minerals operation |Riverton

Riverton | Sibelco owns this limestone operation. | www.sibelco.com.au | P9

1| Coal Mine |Cameby Downs

Cameby Downs | owned by Yancoal International since its 2011 purchase of Syntech Resources, this open-cut operation has a capacity of 1.5mtpa thermal coal (product). | www.yancoalaustralia.com.au |


3 | Coal Mine |Jeebropilly

Jeebropilly | owned by the New Hope Group, this open-cut mine produces about 1.2mtpa of thermal coal. The company is establishing a small proof of concept coal-to-liquids plant at the site.  | www.newhopecoal.com.au


4 | Coal Mine | Kogan Creek

Kogan Creek | owned by CS Energy and operated by Golding Contractors, this open-cut mine supplies thermal coal to CS Energy’s Kogan Creek power station. | www.csenergy.com.au |

5 | Coal Mine | Meandu

Meandu | Meandu mine has the capacity to supply up to 7mtpa of coal to the adjacent Tarong power stations, operated by Stanwell Corporation, with sufficient coal to fuel the stations until at least 2031. Downer EDI Mining is the mining contractor. | www.stanwell.com |

6 | Coal Mine |New Acland

New Acland | the New Hope Group plans an $896m expansion project to lift production at this open-cut operation from about 4.8mtpa to 7.5mtpa thermal coal. | www.newhopecoal.com.au |


7 | Coal Mine |Wilkie Creek

Wilkie Creek | owner/operator Peabody Energy Australia closed this open-cut thermal coal mine in late 2013 and has been negotiating its sale. | www.peabodyenergy.com.au |


8 | Coal Development Project | Blackall Project

Blackall project | East Energy Resources has appointed Palaris Group to undertake a desk top study for this thermal coal project. | www.eastenergy.com.au|

9 | Coal Development Project | Blackall - Tambo project

Blackall-Tambo project | Coalbank established an inferred resource of 1.3 billion tonnes of thermal coal at this project in 2012, prompting an initial mining study. | www.coalbank.com|


10 | Coal Development Project | Bundaberg Project

Bundaberg project | a joint venture of International Coal and the Gina Rinehart-owned Queensland Coal Investments is continuing exploration on these tenements. It announced a 37.9 million-tonne inferred resource of coking coal in December 2013.| www.intercoal.com.au|

11 | Coal Development Project | Bundi

Bundi | MetroCoal proposes to develop an $800m longwall mine producing about 5mtpa thermal coal. | www.metrocoal.com.au

12 | Coal Development Project | Clifford

Clifford | Stanmore Coal has secured a joint exploration agreement from Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) to progress this thermal coal project. | www.stanmorecoal.com.au |

13 | Coal Development Project | Collingwood - Taroom

Collingwood-Taroom | Cockatoo Coal and joint owner Mitsui Coal Holdings continue to study the proposed circa $1b twin thermal coal projects, regarded as having the potential to export up to a combined 14mtpa across 25 years, with a view to development in alignment with proposed Surat Basin rail infrastructure. |www.cockatoocoal.com.au |

14 | Coal Development Project | Colton (Maryborough)

Colton (Maryborough coal project) | the New Hope Group is progressing with the approval processes for a 0.5mpta metallurgical coal operation. | www.newhopecoal.com.au | R3 SQ10

15 | Coal Development Project | Columboola

Columboola | a MetroCoal and SinoCoal joint venture proposes to develop an operation with an export capacity in excess of 5mtpa.| www.metrocoal.com.au |

16 | Coal Development Project | Ebenezer

Ebenezer| OGL Resources had planned to recommission this thermal coal mine, which closed in 2003, but announced in August 2013 that its acquisition deal had lapsed. | www.oglltd.com|

18 | Coal Development Project | Felton

Felton | AmbreCTL proposed to develop a 4mtpa open-cut coal mine to supply a coal-to-liquids facility, but project development activities have stopped.| http://ambreenergy.com/ |

20 | Coal Development Project | Haystock Road

Haystack Road | CS Energy has the mineral development lease for this undeveloped coal resource. | www.csenergy.com.au |

21 | Coal Development Project | Horse Creek

Horse Creek | Peabody Energy Australia holds a mineral development licence over this thermal coal asset.| www.peabodyenergy.com.au |

22 | Coal Development Project | Kunioon

Kunioon | Tarong Energy has undertaken feasibility work to develop a new thermal coal mine at a cost of $500m, but deferred the project in 2010 after the confirmation of additional coal reserves at Meandu mine. The resource is now owned by Stanwell Corporation. |www.stanwell.com |

23 | Coal Development Project |South Blackall

South Blackall | International Coal is working on a number of development paths for this thermal coal deposit, which has an inferred resource of more than 1 billion tonnes. | www.intercoal.com.au

25 | Coal Development Project | Wandoan

Wandoan | Glencore Xstrata has placed plans to develop this $6b project in joint venture with ICRA (Itochu) and Sumisho Coal Australia on hold. | www.glencorexstrata.com |

31 | Thermal Coal Development Project | Wandoan

Wandoan thermal coal project | formerly viewed as a potential UCG site, owner Moreton Resources (formerly Cougar Energy) is assessing the economics of a conventional thermal coal project on this site.  It has established an inferred resource of 84 million tonnes. | http://www.moretonresources.com.au/ |

27 | Underground Coal Gasification Project | Bloodwood Creek

Bloodwood Creek | Carbon Energy has developed a UCG facility producing syngas and has fed electricity into the grid in a power station trial. The company is progressing approvals to commercialise its keyseam UCG technology. | www.carbonenergy.com.au |


28 | Underground Coal Gasification Project | Chinchilla GTL demonstration facility

Chinchilla UCG-GTL demonstration facility | Linc Energy is decommissioning this site, where it established five gasifiers producing syngas in a 15-year research and development program. | www.lincenergy.com |

29 | Underground Coal Gasification Project | Kingaroy

Kingaroy UCG | the Queensland Government halted the operations of Cougar Energy (now Moreton Resources) at this site due to environmental concerns. Related legal matters were finalised in 2013 and the site is being decommissioned. | www.cougarenergy.com.au |

34 | LNG Project |Gladstone LNG


Gladstone LNG | LNG Limited proposes to develop an LNG plant at Fisherman’s Landing, Gladstone. It is continuing efforts to source gas supply for its first two proposed LNG trains, each with a capacity of 1.5mtpa. | www.lnglimited.com.au



38 | CSG Operations & Development Project | Arrow Energy

Arrow Energy | Arrow Energy has four coal seam gas fields in production in this region including: Daandine (100 per cent owned by Arrow Energy),  Kogan North (Arrow Energy 50 per cent, Stanwell Corporation 50 per cent), Stratheden (100 per cent Arrow Energy) and Tipton West (100 per cent Arrow Energy). It plans a major expansion of its presence in the region through the Surat Gas Project, which received State and Federal environmental approvals in 2013. | www.arrowenergy.com.au |

26 | Coal Development Project | Woori

Woori | Cockatoo Coal and joint owner Mitsui Coal Holdings continue to study the Woori project with a view to completion in alignment with development of Surat Basin infrastructure. The proposed Woori project studies relate to a circa $300m open-cut mine producing 4mtpa of thermal coal. | www.cockatoocoal.com.au |

30 | UCG Project | Liberty Gas and Fertilizer Project

Liberty gas and fertiliser project |Liberty Resources proposes a $1.4b gas plant as part of a $4b gas-electricity-fertiliser project. Scoping studies are advanced for production of syngas through a coal seam injection process. | www.libertyresources.com.au|


32 | LNG Project | Arrow LNG

Arrow LNG | parent companies Shell and PetroChina are yet to make a final investment decision to develop this Arrow Energy project. First stage is a two-train (each 4mtpa) CSG-LNG facility on Curtis Island, pipelines from the Surat and Bowen basins and CSG field developments. The five components (LNG plant; two pipelines and two gasfield developments) are subject to separate environmental assessments, which are at different stages of state and federal approval. | www.arrowenergy.com.au |

33 LNG Project | Australia Pacific LNG

Australia Pacific LNG | a joint venture between Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec involving further development of coal seam gas fields in the Surat and Bowen basins, construction of a 530km pipeline and a multi-train LNG facility on Curtis Island. It is expected to cost $24.7b for the full two-train development. Construction is more than 75 per cent complete and remains on track for first LNG in mid-2015.| www.aplng.com.au | www.aplng.com.au |

36 | LNG Project | Qld Curtis LNG (QCLNG)


Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) | construction is near completion on this $US20.4b project, with first exports expected in the fourth quarter of 2014. The first phase of this BG Group project includes the development of a two-train liquefaction plant with a capacity of 8.5mtpa, related wells, field facilities and pipelines. The main contractors developing the first phase of QCLNG include Bechtel Australia, Thiess and the MCJV joint venture between McConnell Dowell Constructors and Consolidated Contractors Company. | www.qgc.com.au |

39 | CSG Operation & Development Project | Icon Energy

Icon Energy | Icon has an interest in coal seam and shale gas projects in the Surat and Cooper basins including the Lydia block. |www.iconenergy.com |

40 | LNG Project | Origin Energy

Origin energy, operating on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG, is further developing Spring Gully and Talinga Fields as well as the Combabla / Reedy Creek, Condabri (North, Central and South) and Orana fields as part of Phase 1 of the LNG project. More than 820 wells have been drilled. The first new gas processing facility at Condabri Central has recently been commissioned and is supplying gas to the domestic market. Construction of the 530km main gas transmission pipeline and associated facilities is complete. Origin energy is also seeking to develop the Ironbark CSG fields within ATP 788 near Tara. www.originenergy.com.au

42 | CSG Operation | Santos GLNG

Santos GLNG | Santos has drilled more than 530 wells in the Surat and Bowen basins since the final investment decision on the GLNG project in January 2011. GLNG will produce coal seam gas from gas fields located in the Scotia, Roma and Fairview areas, with two gas compression hubs under construction at Fairview and another at Roma. Exploration is also being undertaken in the Arcadia Valley. | www.santosglng.com.au |

44 | Conventional Gas & Petroleum |Beach Energy

Beach Energy | Beach Energy operates eight oil fields in south-west Queensland. Major fields and processing facilities are located at Kenmore and Bodalla, with minor facilities at Black Stump, Bargie, Glenvale/Coolum, Byrock and Marcoola. | www.beachenergy.com.au |

46 | Conventional Gas & Petroleum |Origin Energy

Origin Energy | Origin Energy has conventional gas operations in the Kincora, Yellowbank and Rolleston fields. | www.originenergy.com.au |

47 | Conventional Gas & Petroleum | Santos

Santos | Santos produces sales gas, ethane, crude oil and gas liquids from the Cooper/Eromanga basins. Gas and ethane are processed at the Ballera plant in Queensland and Moomba in South Australia. South-west Queensland crude oil gathered from areas such as Watson, Tickalara, Cooroo and Naccowlah is processed at Jackson and then transported to the Lytton oil refinery in Brisbane. | www.santos.com |

51 | Power Station |Braemar 2 Power Station

Braemar 2 | Arrow Energy took full ownership of this gas-fired 450MW plant from ERM Power in July 2011. | www.arrowenergy.com.au

65 | Power Project |Braemar 3

Braemar 3 | ERM Power plans to develop an open cycle gas-fired power station of up to 550MW capacity. | www.ermpower.com.au |

66 | Power Project | Braemar 4 Power

Braemar 4 | development approval was granted by Western Downs Regional Council in 2012 for this 500MW intermediate load gas-fired power station proposed by ERM Power. | www.ermpower.com.au |

67 | Power Project |Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Coopers Gap wind farm | AGL Energy proposes to install a 350MW capacity wind farm. | www.agl.com.au |

70 | Power Project |Solar Dawn

Solar Dawn | AREVA Solar and Wind Prospect CWP have dropped plans for a $1b 250MW solar thermal power plant after failing to attract government funding. | http://solardawn.com.au |

71 Power Project | Spring Gully 1 and 2

Spring Gully 1 and 2 | Origin Energy proposes to develop a $1b 1000MW power station over two stages at its Spring Gully coal seam gas plant. The project is on hold, with a potential start-up date of 2015-18. | www.originenergy.com.au | L4 SQ53

75 | Minerals Operation | Mt Rawdon

Mt Rawdon | owner/operator Evolution Mining acquired this open-pit gold-silver mine in November 2011. It produces about 100,000oz of gold per annum. | www.evolutionmining.com.au |

80 | Mineral Development Projects | Anduramba


Anduramba | DGR Global completed a prefeasibility study in 2008 for a new molybdenum mine, with an estimated development cost of $86m. The project is held by Archer Resources, a subsidiary of DGR Global. | www.dgrglobal.com.au

81 | Mineral Development Project | Binjour

Binjour | Australian Bauxite announced a resource of 24.5 million tonnes of gibbsite-rich bauxite here in mid-2012 and  has an option to purchase a nearby mining lease with a 3.5-million-tonne resource, which it says may prove a fast-track avenue for production. |www.australianbauxite.com.au

82 | Mineral Development Project | Hawkwood

Hawkwood | Eastern Iron announced a maiden inferred resource of 103 million tonnes for this iron-vanadium project. Further work has been suspended pending the successful completion of efforts by the company to secure a funding partner. | www.easterniron.com.au |

Mineral Development Project | Gympie Eldorado

Gympie Eldorado | this former gold operation (closed in 2008) was recently sold by Fe Limited to a private Singapore group for about $2.4m | www.felimited.com.au |

83 | Mineral Development Project | Wateranga

Wateranga | Queensland Industrial Minerals proposes to develop a new ilmenite, feldspar, apatite and zircon mine at a cost of about $82m. | www.qim.com.au |

2 | Coal Mine |Commodore Mine

Commodore | owned by a partnership of InterGen Australia, Daelim and GE, this open-cut mine provides thermal coal for the Millmerran power station, producing about 3.6mtpa. Downer EDI provides mining services. | www.intergen.com |


17 | Coal Development Project | Elimatta Mine

Elimatta | Northern Energy Corporation completed the feasibility study for a proposed open-cut mine to produce up to 5mtpa thermal coal. NEC was acquired in 2011 by New Hope Corporation. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was submitted in 2012, and a Supplementary EIS is proposed for submission in 2014.| www.newhopecoal.com.au |

19 | Coal Development Project | Glen Wilga Coal Mine

Glen Wilga | CS Energy has the mineral development lease for this undeveloped coal resource. | www.csenergy.com.au |


24 | CSG Operations & Development Projects | The Range

The Range | Stanmore Coal aims to begin production in 2017 from an open-pit operation producing about 5mtpa thermal coal over 26 years. | www.stanmorecoal.com.au |

35 |Coal Development Project | Micro LNG Plant

Micro LNG plant | BOC is building an LNG plant with the capacity to produce 50 tonnes per day. It is expected to be complete for opening in the first quarter of 2015.| https://boc.com.au |

41 | LNG Project | QGC


QGC | a subsidiary of BG Group, QGC has more than 2150 CSG wells in Queensland. The company plans to drill a total of 6000 wells throughout more than 4500sq km of tenements across the Surat and Bowen basins by 2030. Gas fields and processing facilities include Argyle, Bellevue, Berwyndale, Berwyndale South, Codie /Lauren and Kenya. Development projects include Isabella, RubyJo, David, Poppy, Glendower, Harry, Broadwater, Kenya East/Jammat/Jen/Sean, Matilda John, Owen/McNulty/Avon Downs, Polaris, Woleebee Creek/Ross/Cam/Kathleen, Jordan, and Acrux.|

88 | Rail Port & Water | Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir pipeline project

Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir pipeline project |construction began in 2013 on a $400m project to transport treated CSG water from the Queensland Curtis LNG project for use by mining and irrigation customers. SunWater expects the 120km pipeline to be operational by the end of 2014. | www.sunwater.com.au |

43 | Conventional Gas & Petroleum | AGL

AGL | AGL owns wells in the Bowen, Surat and Cooper/Eromanga basins. Producing fields include Churchie, Silver Springs/Renlim, Waggamba and Taylor fields. | www.agl.com.au |

45 | Conventional Gas & Petroleum |Bengal Energy

Bengal Energy | Bengal Energy is part of a joint venture behind the Cuisinier oil discovery on the Barta block, where it has producing wells. It has an interest in other properties and prospects in the Cooper Basin including the Barrolka, Tookoonooka and Wompi blocks. | www.bengalenergy.ca

48 | Other Gas Pipeline Project |Lions Way Pipeline

Lions Way pipeline | this Metgasco proposal to develop a 145km gas pipeline at a cost of about $150m from Casino in New South Wales to deliver gas to Ipswich is on hold. | www.metgasco.com.au |

49 | Other Gas Pipeline Projects | Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline

Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline | private company Hunter Gas Pipeline proposes to develop an 831km gas pipeline between the Wallumbilla gas hub in Queensland and Newcastle in NSW at a cost of about $900m. This pipeline also passes through the NSW Gunnedah gas reserves area. Construction is expected to begin in late 2015 or 2016. | www.qhgp.com.au

87 | Rail, Port & Water |Surat Basin Rail

Surat Basin Rail | the Surat Basin Rail joint venture plans a new 214km rail line to complete the transport link from Toowoomba to Gladstone. Development of this $1.2b project is on hold. | www.suratbasinrail.com.au |


86 | Rail, Port & Water | Port of Brisbane

Port of Brisbane | total trade tonnage increased by 3 per cent in 2013/14 due to growth in imports of cement, crude and refined oil and dredging sand, and exports of refined oil.  Coal export tonnage reached 8.1 million tonnes for the year. All of Queensland’s imported crude oil is processed at one of Brisbane’s two refineries, Caltex at Lytton and BP at Bulwer Island.

|www.portbris.com.au |

85 | Rail, Port & Water | Nathan Dam

Nathan Dam and pipelines project | proposed water infrastructure to supply the Surat Basin resources industry and Dawson-Callide region. The EIS process is under way. | www.sunwater.com.au

84 | Rail, Port & Water | Kenya to Chinchilla Weir pipeline

Kenya to Chinchilla Weir pipeline | this $55m QGC project saw SunWater contracted to build and operate a 20km buried pipeline to transport treated coal seam gas water from the Kenya water treatment plant to provide the Chinchilla district with additional water supply. | www.sunwater.com.au


Rail, Port & Water |Inland Rail

Inland Rail |the Australian Government has committed to building an inland railway between Melbourne and Brisbane via central-west NSW and Toowoomba. The project will require about 400km of track upgrades and 600km of new track. |https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/rail/inland/|


79 | Minerals Operation | Vance

Vance | Sibelco owns this silica sand operation. | www.sibelco.com.au |

78 | Minerals Operation |Twin Hills Mine

Twin Hills mine (Texas silver and polymetallic project) | Alcyone Resources recommenced silver production at the Twin Hills deposit in 2011 and plans a feasibility study to develop Mt Gunyan as a second source of ore. However it placed its Twin Hills operations on care and maintenance in the first half of this year while resolving funding issues. | www.alcyone.com.au |

76 | Minerals Operation | Murgon

Murgon | Sibelco owns this limestone operation. | www.sibelco.com.au

74 | Minerals Operation | Gurulmindi

Gurulmindi | Sibelco owns this bentonite (mineral clay) operation. | www.sibelco.com.au |

73 | Minerals Operation | Enterprise / Yarraman Operations (North Stradbroke Is)

Enterprise/Yarraman operations (North Stradbroke Island) | Sibelco owns this rutile, limonite and zircon operation. | www.sibelco.com.au |

72 | Minerals Operation |Cracow

Cracow | owner-miner Evolution Mining acquired 100 per cent of this underground gold-silver mine in November 2011. The mine has been a consistent producer since first production in 2004 and produces up to 100,000oz of gold per annum. | www.evolutionmining.com.au |



63 | Power Station | Wivenhoe

Wivenhoe | CS Energy owns this 500MW pumped storage hydroelectric power station.  | www.csenergy.com.au

62 | Power Station | Tarong North

Tarong North | Stanwell Corporation owns and operates this 443MW coal-fired plant. | www.stanwell.com |

61 | Power Station |Tarong

Tarong | Stanwell Corporation owns and operates this 1400MW coal-fired plant. It withdrew two of the four generating units from service in late 2012 but announced in February 2014 that it was bringing them back online to give Stanwell more generating capacity as Swanbank E is withdrawn from service.| www.stanwell.com |


60 | Power Station |Swanbank E

Swanbank  E | owner/operator Stanwell Corporation announced in February that it would withdraw this 385MW gas-fired plant from service for up to three years from October 2014. | www.stanwell.com


59| Power Station |Swanbank B

Swanbank B | this coal-fired plant, with four 120MW units, closed in May 2012 and is being demolished. | www.stanwell.com |

58 | Power Station |Roma

Roma | this 74MW plant, owned by Origin Energy, is a natural gas-fired peaking power station. | www.originenergy.com.au

57 | Power Station | Oakey

Oakey | owned by ERM Power, this 332MW peaking plant runs on natural gas or distillate liquid fuel. | www.ermpower.com.au |


56 | Power Station | Millmerran

Millmerran | a coal-fired 860MW plant owned by a partnership comprising of InterGen Australia, Daelim and GE, with InterGen as the operator. | www.intergen.com |

55 | Power Station |Kogan Creek

Kogan Creek | CS Energy owns this 750MW coal-fired power station.  It is the site of the $104.7m Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project - a 44MW solar thermal facility expected to be commissioned in 2015. | www.csenergy.com.au |


54 | Power Station | Darling Downs

Darling Downs | Origin Energy owns this 630MW gas-fired plant, which began operating in July 2010. | www.originenergy.com.au |


53 | Power Station | Daandine

Daandine | this 33MW plant, owned by APA Group, draws gas from Arrow’s Daandine CSG field. | www.arrowenergy.com.au |


52 | Power Station | Condamine

Condamine | QGC, a BG Group business, operates this gas-fired 140MW plant. | www.bg-group.com |

50 | Power Station |Braemer 1

Braemar 1 | owned by Alinta Energy, this gas-fired 502MW plant was commissioned in 2006 and is supplied via a 150km gas pipeline from Condamine. |http://alintaenergy.com.au/about-us/power-generation|


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