Toowoomba suppliers urged to connect with council

Posted March 4, 2016

TRC - Libraryprocurement2

PIC: More than $14 million in subcontracts were awarded to local contractors during construction of the newly completed  Toowoomba City Library.


Toowoomba Regional Council has invited more than 7000 current and prospective suppliers to take part in an online survey designed to promote greater local business opportunities with council.

TRC finance and business strategy general manager Arun Pratap said the council was looking to improve the information flow between it and local businesses.

“Council is committed to sourcing goods and services locally to help local businesses grow and prosper,” Mr Pratap said.

“There are many benefits to purchasing locally, such as saving time and money on transport, utilising local knowledge to determine if the product will do the job under our particular environmental constraints and adding to an overall sense of mutual support within the community.”

Mr Pratap said Council had been engaging with industry leaders and business representatives for the past six months to better clarify and promote its procurement policies.

“The ratepayer and the community as a whole are the ultimate winners in having streamlined, modified policies in this area. As our economy grows, so too do job opportunities and that flows on to greater spending power for businesses and individuals,” he said.

“Council is keen to hear community views on what is working well and what needs to be changed or improved in relation to its procurement practices.”

Mr Pratap said the council had been holding seminars, workshops and meetings to discuss procurement issues and the survey at would add to the information collated at those events.

“We are doing this with a view to encouraging greater levels of local supplier participation and involvement in the procurement process. This could be the opportunity some local companies need to engage more fully with council,” he said.

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